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At ASM, Michael Ibba offers advice for tenure track faculty at major research institutions. (Part 5 of 5.)

At ASM, Michael Ibba offers advice for newly hired faculty at major research institutions. (Part 4 of 5.)

At ASM, Michael Ibba offers advice for those interviewing for faculty openings at major research institutions. (Part 3 of 5.)

At ASM, Michael Ibba offers advice for those applying for faculty openings at major research institutions. (Part 2 of 5.)

Researchers coupled undergraduate major information to US Census data to assign values to bachelor's degrees.

At ASM, Michael Ibba reflects on the life of a professor at a major research institution. (Part 1 of 5.)

At ASM, researchers share guidance for careers in academia and government — both at the bench and beyond.

A Return to Decency

A writer at The Nation says tenured professors must organize to combat the PhD problem in the US.

A Prof's Life

One professor is tired of what she perceived to be a common notion: that academic professors have "an easy life."

A blogger presents five ways in which grad programs can help part-time students maintain work-life balance.

The US Department of Homeland Security has extended its Optional Practical Training program to foreign students in several additional STEM fields.

One blogger consults experts who discuss "the value of internships for non-traditional science careers," and share tips for landing them.

More, More, More

According to a recent analysis, as funding success rates fall, the best way to win grants is to submit more proposals.

One blogger says shares advice for those asked to be interviewed over the phone.

The Australian government's new journal-ranking system could strongly influence researchers' decisions on where to publish, and their careers.

Biotech Basics

A blogger offers tips for those seeking careers in biotechnology as well as for those who've recently landed them.

One project manager shares how she left the bench and became a boss.

Small Wins Big

The Scientist ranks readers' picks for the top companies to work for in industry.

One blogger says its time that all search committees treat candidates courteously.

Fix the System

Scientific American says that, as a result of the research funding system, most "scientists spend too much time raising cash instead of doing experiments."

NRC Rankings, Redux

The National Research Council has released a revised version of its research-doctorate program rankings.

Pondering the PhD

Nature takes an international look at PhD programs and considers how best to change them.

What Would You Do?

A blogger asks her readers whether sustaining a sense of funding insecurity might help a PI motivate his or her staff to enhance their performance.

Consider a PSM

A recent Nature Biotechnology editorial explores the professional science master's degree.

Bloggers discuss the merits of grades earned in grad school.


Rules and regulations governing genetic modifications of human embryos vary from country to country, Nature News says, but such work may take place despite restrictions. is eyeing an expansion into genomic risk assessments, the Verge reports.

In PNAS this week: adzuki bean genome, spontaneous mutation patterns in E. coli, and more.

An op-ed in the New York Times discusses banking of fecal samples to restore the gut microbiome.