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PubMed is a common tool that researchers rely on as they write grants, try to figure out where an experiment when awry, and write up their results once it actually gets done, and Bitesize Bio's Myka Ababon presents a few ways to make the most out of it.

Even before diving into her suggestions, she recommends setting up your own MyNCBI account. That way, she says, you have access to more features at PubMed and at other National Center for Biotechnology Information sites.

Don't just do a basic search, she says, but use the advanced settings to create a more specific search, and use filters. And if you have a MyNCBI account, Ababon notes that you can use filters you've saved previously. That brings her to her second tip, which is to save and export your searches, and she says that there are multiple ways to do so. Finally, to keep yourself up-to-date on the new papers coming out in your area of interest, Ababon points out that you can set up email alerts or an RSS feed to send you your PubMed search results.