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LifeOmic Partners With xCures to Speed Search for Treatments in Patient Medical Records

NEW YORK – LifeOmic announced Thursday that it is partnering with xCures to scan hundreds of thousands of patients' medical records to find new cancer treatments.

Under the collaboration, xCures will upload a mix of documents including miscellaneous records like handwritten prescriptions as well as digital electronic health records and use LifeOmic's PrecisionOCR artificial intelligence platform to create a searchable file for use by care teams. The data will then be cross-referenced with a library of oncology-related data to match patients with possible treatments and predict outcomes.

In the past, xCures has sorted documents manually. LifeOmic's PrecisionOCR uses optical character recognition and natural language processing to scan and process the data, significantly increasing the throughput time.

"Speed is critical for our patients, and our work with LifeOmic's PrecisionOCR has greatly increased the pace of our workflow," Bryan Federowicz, VP of clinical operations at xCures, said in a statement. "From the moment xCures receives medical records for a patient, their individual treatment history, diagnosis, genomic features, and imaging can be analyzed and structured into a visual cancer journey in under two hours versus the several hours it would previously take. This allows our AI to easily identify the best course of treatment and helps patients and their providers to make that decision and start their recommended therapies quickly."

LifeOmic said that xCures has already processed more than 720,000 pages of medical records as a result of the partnership. The real-world data gathered in the collaboration will be stored on its HIPAA-compliant Precision Health Cloud and reported back to pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and advocacy groups to inform efforts to improve patient outcomes. Founded in 2016, LifeOmic has transitioned from a focus on sequencing and informatics to AI.

xCures raised $12.7 million in Series A funding in June 2021 to fund development of its AI-based platform for gathering and structuring patient medical records.