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GNS Healthcare Joins Memorial Sloan Kettering Innovation Hub for Precision Oncology

NEW YORK – Healthcare analytics company GNS Healthcare will collaborate with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to produce precision oncology solutions for prostate cancer patients as part of the new MSK Innovation Hub.

Through GNS' "Gemini – The in silico Patient for Prostate Cancer," the collaborators aim to identify aggressive disease subtypes, and to discover new drug targets and drivers of patient response to therapeutics. Insights gained from this research will be used to design better clinical trials and to generate evidence of the comparative effectiveness between drugs and simulated treatment sequencing.

Developed in collaboration with Tempus, the Gemini platform is a virtual patient designed to link drug treatments to patient characteristics and to the genetic and molecular mechanisms driving clinical outcomes. The patient model is built with multiomics and clinical data, focusing especially on whole-exome sequencing, RNA-seq, patient treatment history, current treatments and associated lines of therapy, and mortality.

Gemini has been used to recapitulate known prognostic markers of overall survival and to replicate the Phase III LATITUDE clinical trial (NCT01715285), comparing abiraterone acetate and low-dose prednisone to androgen deprivation therapy among newly diagnosed patients with metastatic hormone-naive prostate cancer.

"Simulating these in silico patient models allows us to understand what treatments work for which patients and why, improving clinical trial design and generating real-world evidence that maximizes the impact of drugs for patients," Colin Hill, CEO and cofounder of GNS, said in a statement. "This has been a long road, but we are now at the point of being able to deliver true personalized treatments that work."

Other MSK Innovation Hub collaborators include InsightRX and Blue Note Therapeutics.

InsightRX has developed a cloud-based precision dosing and clinical analytics platform, while Blue Note is developing a prescription digital therapeutic candidate to treat patients' fear of cancer recurrence.