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BostonGene, Little Warrior Foundation Partner to Develop Sarcoma-Specific Liquid Biopsy

NEW YORK – BostonGene said on Wednesday that it is collaborating with the Little Warrior Foundation to develop liquid biopsy assays for the detection of sarcoma-related molecular alterations and gene fusions.

Because broad liquid biopsy panels have limited utility for specific cancer types, BostonGene will focus on sarcoma-specific cell-free DNA and RNA assays tailored to the molecular alterations and fusions found in that cancer with the goal of implementing them in clinical practice for adult and pediatric sarcomas.

The Waltham, Massachusetts-based company has signed a number of other precision medicine agreements recently. In September 2022, it partnered with Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center for multiple cancer research projects involving the use of its computational platform to find correlations between tumor genomics, the immune system, and effectiveness of new cancer therapies.

Also, in July 2022, it partnered with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to provide molecular laboratory and computational analysis services to analyze next-generation sequencing data from the MSK-IMPACT test for new biomarkers and actionable targets in MSK's clinical and preclinical programs.

"Our partnership with BostonGene enables us to accelerate research and development efforts by identifying novel solutions for patients with Ewing sarcoma and related sarcomas," Little Warrior Foundation Cofounder Piero Spada said in a statement. "We expect this collaboration to provide physicians with the necessary tools to monitor for relapse and reoccurrence in a more efficient manner, ultimately impacting integral clinical decisions for patients."