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The GenomeWeb Index fell 1 percent in April, outperforming the Nasdaq, but falling significantly short of the performance of the Nasdaq Biotech Index.

The GenomeWeb Index rose more than 6 percent in March, in line with the Dow and the Nasdaq, and significantly outperforming the Nasdaq Biotech Index.

The GenomeWeb Index was flat in February month over month, in line with the Dow but outperforming the Nasdaq and the Nasdaq Biotech Index.

The GenomeWeb Index fell 11 percent in January, behind the Dow and the Nasdaq, but well above the Nasdaq Biotech Index, which fell 21 percent.

There were more winners than losers in the 2015 GWDN Index, but some lost big.

Overall, the GenomeWeb Index, which tracks the share prices of 31 tools and MDx firms, jumped nearly 7 percent in the month of November.

The GenomeWeb Index was up around 2 percent, but its performance was well behind the broader stock market.

In addition to a steep slide in the company's share price, Raymond James lowered its rating for Cepheid's stock to Market Perform.

Biotech stocks fell sharply last month dragging down the GenomeWeb Index almost 8 percent. 

A tumultuous August in the broader markets resulted in an 8 percent decline in the GenomeWeb Index, and a particularly bad month for the stocks of Fluidigm and Sequenom.


In Nature this week: babies born by caesarean section are more likely to have altered gut microbiota profiles, and more.

A new paper says an effort to introduce gene drives into mosquitos altered the genetic makeup of the local mosquitos, but the company behind the project says the paper is flawed.

Virginia's Department of Forensic Science is offering attorneys a course on DNA testing, the Virginian-Pilot reports.

Researchers examine changes in the genomes of emmer wheat populations where the climate has warmed, the BBC reports.