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senior notes offering

The proceeds will be used to pay, in part, for the recent acquisition of Varian.

The firm intends to redeem all of the outstanding 2 percent convertible senior notes due 2023.

The firm will use proceeds from the offerings to redeem its outstanding 6-1/2 percent senior subordinated notes due 2015.

Thermo Fisher plans to buy back its shares on the open market, and refinance outstanding debt through a senior notes offering.

The firm also retired a potentially dilutive reserve of approximately 1.1 million shares of common stock that could have been issued in the conversion of the debt.

The firm placed $100M worth of notes due in February 2020.

Proceeds from the notes offerings will be used to repay a credit facility that helped finance the merger between Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems.

The proceeds will primarily be used to repay other outstanding debt.

The sole purpose of the exchange offering is to fulfill Bio-Rad's obligations with regard to the registration of private notes earlier this year.

Thermo expects to settle the notes purchase today.


The American Prospect writes that the pilot program to test the DNA of migrants could lead to more family separations.

An international commission is to develop a report on how researchers, clinicians, and regulators should evaluate the clinical applications of human germline genome editing.

The US Department of Agriculture presents a new blueprint for animal genomic research.

In Genome Research this week: repetitive element deletion linked to altered methylation and more in form of muscular dystrophy; human contamination in draft bacterial and archaeal genomes; and more.