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senior notes offering

As of May 6, there was $350 million in aggregate principal amount of the notes outstanding.

The firm used $314.3 million of the net proceeds from the offering to purchase 4,890,500 shares of its common stock.

Waters privately placed the notes with institutional investors.

Net proceeds from the offering will be used to buy back common stock, fund conversion on currently outstanding convertible notes, and general corporate purposes.

The firm will redeem all of its outstanding 3.25 percent convertible senior subordinated notes due 2024.

The firm sold $300 million aggregate principal amount of 2.05 percent senior notes due 2014; $900 million aggregate principal amount of 3.2 percent senior notes due 2016; and $1 billion aggregate principal amount of 4.5 percent senior notes due 2021.

The firm has yet to provide an estimated amount of proceeds from the notes offerings, which will help pay for its $2.1 billion acquisition of Dionex.

The proceeds would be used to redeem other outstanding notes.

The firm has offered $300 million in senior notes with a 10-year maturity.

The first series of $250 million in 2.5 percent notes will mature in July 2013. The second series of $500 million in 5 percent notes will mature in July 2020.


According to New Scientist, GEDmatch changed its terms and conditions over the weekend to opt its users out of law enforcement searches.

The Atlantic looks into time spent pursuing gene leads generated through candidate gene studies.

A twin study uncovers evidence that genes may influence whether someone gets a dog, Martha Stewart reports.

In PNAS this week: Cdx2 cells can help regenerate heart tissue in mice following a heart attack, PIWI-interacting small RNA levels in human cancer, and more.