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SBIR grant

The funding will support continued development of the firm's MetaMiner platform for oncology research.

The firm will use the funds to study chemically modified components as a means of enhancing ligation fidelity in a variety of applications.

After nearly two decades at current levels, the SBA has decided to increase the value of SBIR Phase I awards to $150,000 and Phase II awards to $1 million.

The SBIR award from NASA will be used to develop diagnostic tools for monitoring health in space.

The funding for 2010 will go to companies seeking to bridge the 'valley of death' between Phase II funding and venture capital or commercialization.

The grants are aimed at stimulating private sector advances and partnerships with non-profit institutions and universities.

The $10 million in 2010 will fund diagnostics, prognostics, imaging tools, and therapeutics needing help to make it to the market.

The company plans to use the $417,000 grant to develop assays for monitoring drug interactions.

The NHGRI funds will go to development of a single molecule analyzer.

The NHGRI grant will fund software development for cancer mutation analysis.


An initial analysis suggests the novel coronavirus from Wuhan that is sickening people might come from snakes, a team of virologists writes at the Conversation.

DNA testing confirms captured Chicago coyote same as the one that bit a boy near a nature museum, the Chicago Tribune reports.

An analysis of Tibetan ice cores uncovers more than two dozen previously unknown virus groups, LiveScience reports.

In Nature this week: genomic analysis of four children buried in Cameroon approximately 3,000 and 8,000 years ago, and more.