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research grant

The Diabetes Research and Training Center will use a $9.5 million grant to support its research cores, including epigenomics and metabolomics studies, and a $632,000 stimulus grant for equipment.

The National Center for Research Resources expects to award the funds in 2011 to support the Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence grants program.

The company will work with Stony Brook University Medical Center to identify and characterize genetic variants for Parkinson's disease.

The NIH center has granted out its ARRA funding for 146 projects that will update, renovate, and build biomedical research labs in 44 states.

The company will collaborate with the University of Oregon to develop companion diagnostic tests to identify adverse effects on mitochondria from antiviral drugs.

The firm will use the funding to develop a high-throughput screening system for cancer therapeutics.

The Research Initiative in Newborn Screening program will give $2 million in 2011 to support studies of diseases that could potentially be addressed with more and enhanced newborn screening tools.

The Instrument Development for Biological Research program will give $3 million in 2011 for innovations that will transform or improve research technologies.

The grants will fund research into the metabolic basis of heart failure, as well as the role played by beta-adrenergic receptors on fat cells in regulating growth not typically associated with adrenaline.

The grants will fund projects seeking to validate novel molecular targets for disease-modifying interventions for Huntington's disease.


Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine and Deloitte are looking into the use of drones to transport samples for testing. 

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing firm 23andMe is laying off about 100 people.

Researchers from Northwestern University examined dust for antibiotic-resistance genes, New Scientist reports. 

In Science this week: researchers present a computational method for predicting cellular differentiation state from single-cell RNA sequencing data, and more.