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research grant

The NIH funding will support labs and research cores performing proteomics, systems biology, computational biology, imaging, and other research projects and services.

The funding will go toward a new high performance computing facility to help carry out better-quality genome assembly computation.

The school will use the $634,000 grant to partner with Charles University to study three gene-environment interactions linked to MS disease progression.

The company is continuing development of a cancer biomarker knowledgebase that it plans to take to market in 2011.

These grants will fund scientists using genomics, proteomics, epigenomics, and an array of innovative approaches aimed at "dramatically advancing" type 1 diabetes research.

The NCRR grant will fund a New Hampshire network that will provide access to 'omics and other biomedical research tools, training, and expertise to undergraduate institutions.

Researchers have received five-year awards totaling $17.5 million toward ongoing coordination of the Early Detection Research Network, as well as projects centered on colon cancer biomarker discovery, and breast and ovarian cancer biomarker validation.

The NSF-funded research will use next-generation sequencing tools to study the Upland and Pima cotton genomes with the goal of improving the yield and uses of these common crops.

The Plant Genome Research Program funding will support research focused on cellular activity and gene expression.

With an eye on the future of personalized medicine, NIGMS wants to discover more about the complex interplay and structural relationships between microbes and their hosts.


Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine and Deloitte are looking into the use of drones to transport samples for testing. 

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing firm 23andMe is laying off about 100 people.

Researchers from Northwestern University examined dust for antibiotic-resistance genes, New Scientist reports. 

In Science this week: researchers present a computational method for predicting cellular differentiation state from single-cell RNA sequencing data, and more.