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research consortium

The company will research biomarkers linked to atrial fibrillation for a pan-European consortium funded with $17 million by the EU.

OncoTrack, a new international consortium, will seek to generate high-quality genomic and epigenetic data from clinically well-defined colon cancer tumors and their metastases as part of its colon cancer project.

Using sequencing technology, researchers will try to detect unknown pathogens that may be associated with cancer and develop a genome atlas of the Danish population.

A UK consortium will use the funds to study wheat variations that could be used to develop more sustainable, higher-yielding crops.

The project, called The Canada Prostate Cancer Genome Network, or CPC Gene, aims to identify mutations in the DNA sequences of prostate cancer.

The genomics-focused H3Africa program supported by NIH and the Wellcome Trust could include regional centers involving clinical research, bioinformatics, and a biorepository, and fund a range of genetics research and education.

The International Genomics of Alzheimer's Project creates a shared resource database that includes genetic information on more than 40,000 patients.

In joining the consortium, Rosetta has received a $460,000 grant.

Canada, Chile, and Norway are seeking a center to finish sequencing the Atlantic salmon genome.

The firm joined the Personalized RNA Interference to Enhance the Delivery of Individualised Cytotoxic and Targeted therapeutics consortium, and received a €300,000 grant.


A Harvard University professor has been charged with making false claims regarding funds he received from China, the New York Times reports.

Nature News reports that a US panel is reviewing current guidelines for federally funded gain-of-function viral research.

Discover magazine reports that animal dissections might dissuade students from science careers, but that a firm has developed synthetic frogs for dissections.

In PNAS this week: de novo mutation patterns among the Amish, an alternative RNA-seq method, and more.