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research consortium

The genomics-focused H3Africa program supported by NIH and the Wellcome Trust could include regional centers involving clinical research, bioinformatics, and a biorepository, and fund a range of genetics research and education.

The International Genomics of Alzheimer's Project creates a shared resource database that includes genetic information on more than 40,000 patients.

In joining the consortium, Rosetta has received a $460,000 grant.

Canada, Chile, and Norway are seeking a center to finish sequencing the Atlantic salmon genome.

The firm joined the Personalized RNA Interference to Enhance the Delivery of Individualised Cytotoxic and Targeted therapeutics consortium, and received a €300,000 grant.

While the exact goals of the so-called TRC3 have yet to be defined, the initiative expects that these will include the expansion of its scope to include reagents targeting non-coding RNAs.


A new analysis finds some cancers receive more nonprofit dollars than others.

A New Zealand minister says the country's genetic modification laws need to be re-examined to help combat climate change, the New Zealand Herald reports.

An Australian mother's conviction in the deaths of her children may be re-examined after finding that two of the children carried a cardiac arrhythmia-linked gene variant.

In Science this week: comparative analysis of sex differences in mammal gene expression, and more.