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research consortium

The genomics-focused H3Africa program supported by NIH and the Wellcome Trust could include regional centers involving clinical research, bioinformatics, and a biorepository, and fund a range of genetics research and education.

The International Genomics of Alzheimer's Project creates a shared resource database that includes genetic information on more than 40,000 patients.

In joining the consortium, Rosetta has received a $460,000 grant.

Canada, Chile, and Norway are seeking a center to finish sequencing the Atlantic salmon genome.

The firm joined the Personalized RNA Interference to Enhance the Delivery of Individualised Cytotoxic and Targeted therapeutics consortium, and received a €300,000 grant.

While the exact goals of the so-called TRC3 have yet to be defined, the initiative expects that these will include the expansion of its scope to include reagents targeting non-coding RNAs.


University of Idaho researchers model the scientific discovery process to examine the link between reproducibility and scientific truth.

A bill passed by a US House of Representatives appropriations subcommittee would give scientific agencies including the National Science Foundation boosts in funding.

Relocating USDA agencies outside of Washington, DC, may make them less effective, critics of the move tell NPR.

In PLOS this week: genes that help Borrelia burgdorferi survive in ticks, CiliaCarta collection of about 1,000 suspected cilia genes, and more.