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private financing

The company, founded in 2013, is developing single-molecule electronic DNA sequencing technology that measures tunneling currents from DNA bases.

The financing will be used to develop the company's biorepository of cells that are reprogrammed into iPSC. 

The company is developing an ultra-rapid MDx platform based on electrochemical sensor technology that it anticipates launching later this year.

Personal Genomics says its platform will be able to sequence a human genome for less than $1,000.

Biodesix will use the investment to continue development of its blood-based molecular diagnostic technology platform and test menu.

The company's platform is a molecular barcoding and analysis system that works in conjunction with short-read sequencers to identify long-range genomic information. 

The company, whose technology enables the selective amplification of mutant DNA, will use the financing to ramp up its commercialization work and build its product portfolio.

The firm will use the proceeds for sales and marketing, R&D, debt repayment, and other purposes. 

The company raised $5 million in private financing and is borrowing $5 million.

The funds will go toward efforts to drive clinical adoption and further develop Assurex's GeneSight products.



A study of families explores how children transmit SARS-CoV-2, according to the Associated Press.

US Agricultural Research Service scientists have sequenced the genome of the Asian giant hornet.

According to the Economist, pooled testing for COVID-19 could help alleviate strains on testing labs.

In Science this week: MIT researchers outline approach dubbed translatable components regression to predict treatment response among IBD patients.