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mergers & acquisitions

Life Technologies gains BioTrove's gene expression and genotyping system, which it expects will complement its next-generation sequencing and PCR portfolio.

Qiagen expects the $90 million deal to complement its earlier purchase of DxS.

The deal, valued at more than $3 million, would provide NuSep with BioInquire's ProteoIQ software, which helps customers identify proteins separated by mass spec instruments.

The acquisition is expected to expand the market for Nexus' products.

BD paid $275 million for the privately held molecular diagnostics firm. It will integrate its GeneOhm assays with a new platform based on HandyLab's instrument.

The acquisition will combine Asterand's tissue-based services for drug discovery with BioSeek's BioMap platform and human cell-based assays.

Qiagen’s goal is to enable its customers to take an assay in a very early stage of discovery and validation and, “without transitioning platforms — to seamlessly move that into a companion diagnostic candidate if they so wish."

The $1.1 billion deal for the MDS Analytical Technologies business is under antitrust review.

Cell Biosciences will pay Alpha Innotech's shareholders $1.50 per share, giving the deal a total consideration of $17.9 million.

The Belgian life sciences company sees the acquisition as bringing together the firm's respective genomics and proteomics capabilities and their European and US presences.


The University of California, Berkeley's Jennifer Doudna reflects at Science on the anniversary of the announcement of the birth of twin girls who underwent genome editing.

By studying its enamel proteome, researchers have found the ancient ape Gigantopithecus blacki belongs to a sister clade to that of orangutans.

Bloomberg Businessweek discusses genomics with BGI's Wang Jian.

In Science this week: researchers find transplanting the gut microbiome in mice affects physiology, and more.