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mergers & acquisitions

LabCorp completed the $925 million deal around three months after it was initially announced.

The business information company has added GeneGo and its genomic and life sciences informatics tools to its Healthcare and Science business.

The assets being acquired include 11 Familion tests as well as contracts with private and government health insurers for test reimbursement through policies offering access to genetic testing for an estimated 280 million patients.

The sale of the cancer diagnostic firm includes cash of up to $65 million.

Labindia had been a distributor of Applied Biosystems products since 1994.

The deal was abandoned after the two companies could not reach new terms and conditions following a Medicare contractor's decision to cover only one of RedPath's tests.

A GE Healthcare executive believes the firm can build a "$1billion-plus business by developing integrated diagnostic solutions for cancer and other diseases."

According to MorphoSys, the deal will allow it to improve the success rate for new antibody drug candidate development to the point where 50 percent of new projects will reach clinical development.

The newly created HDS will provide oncology translational research services, such as drug profiling, novel 2D and 3D phenotypic assays, tumor microenvironment studies, and responsive-patient prediction.

The total deal value could reach $725 million if certain milestones are met.


New analyses indicate female researchers are publishing less during the coronavirus pandemic than male researchers, according to Nature News.

A study suggests people with the ApoE e4 genotype may be more likely to have severe COVID-19 than those with other genotypes, the Guardian says.

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies are searching for a genetic reason for why some people, but not others, become gravely ill with COVID-19, the Detroit Free Press reports.

In PNAS this week: forward genetics-base analysis of retinal development, interactions of T cell receptors with neoantigens in colorectal cancer, and more.