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marketing agreement

QDx will develop, market, and process the QPredict Prostate Mitomic Test, which will be based on Mitomics' flagship mitochondrial DNA-based prostate cancer diagnostic.

The deal makes Bulldog the single source of Dualsystems' products in the US.

The agreement covers Conexio's SBT Resolver products, which are locus-specific PCR-based HLA sequencing-based typing reagents, and includes kits and analysis software.

According to Response Biomedical, the Canadian point-of-care market is expected to reach $66.2 million this year and to grow at 7 percent over the next few years.

Med BioGene's shareholders have approved the deal, which gives Precision rights to commercialize Med BioGene's gene expression-based test for early stage non-small-cell lung cancer.

Magellan anticipates marketing a family of Miacom sepsis tests in the US for research use only, while starting clinical trials in preparation of submission to the US Food and Drug Administration.

Under one deal, AstraNet will sell Norton's protein aggregation monitoring device in Europe, while under another, Advanced Scientific Technologies will sell PAM in the mid-Atlantic region.

Health Diagnostic Laboratory will offer the galectin-3 test to physicians along with its own cardiovascular tests.

IDT will produce the assays and market them through an online catalog directly to customers of Quanta.

The deal will make Ambry the preferred provider of genetic carrier screening for LABS and give LABS' customers access to Ambry's genetic screen for identifying carriers of severe and common childhood diseases.


A study of families explores how children transmit SARS-CoV-2, according to the Associated Press.

US Agricultural Research Service scientists have sequenced the genome of the Asian giant hornet.

According to the Economist, pooled testing for COVID-19 could help alleviate strains on testing labs.

In Science this week: MIT researchers outline approach dubbed translatable components regression to predict treatment response among IBD patients.