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The lawsuit claims that Invitrogen and CellzDirect are infringing a Celsis patent that relates to processes and methods for producing cryopreserved hepatocytes.

The suit accuses the company of issuing false and misleading statements about its business and financial results.

The firm's former head of R&D, Elizabeth Dragon, was charged with making false statements to investors and analysts about Sequenom's test for Down syndrome.

The suit claims that Illumina is infringing eight patents through the sale of and services using its GoldenGate Genotyping Assay and DASL Assay.

Previously, the case had been stayed pending the outcome of a similar suit between the USPTO and drug maker Wyeth. With that case now decided, Alnylam and the USPTO have asked the court to lift the stay and allow the patent office to review the IP's term in light of the Wyeth case

Because of the US Patent and Trademark Office's current review of four Illumina patents, Life Tech has requested to suspend all proceedings in ongoing litigation involving the IP.

The suit stems from the issuance of purchase warrants that were part of a September 2007 private placement.

In his defense, Mirrx's founder charged that Santaris is aiming to gain control of the Blockmir technology as an alternative to the LNA technology used in its phase I HCV drug SPC3649, which he alleges falls under intellectual property controlled by Regulus Therapeutics.

Gen-Probe is one of several firms that were sued by Genetic Technologies in February for alleged infringement of a patent covering methods of analyzing non-coding DNA sequences.

It is opposition, CSHL charges that it was specifically the "malpractice and fraud" of the lawyer handling the intellectual property that led the US Patent and Trademark Office to reject the institution's patent applications related to certain RNAi technology.


Politico notes that the Biden Administration has not yet nominated a permanent Food and Drug Administration commissioner. 

Anthony Fauci also informed the World Health Organization executive board that the US would be joining the COVAX initiative, according to CNBC.

A new preprint suggests some SARS-CoV-2 variants could affect the effectiveness of current vaccines, the Associated Press reports.

In Nature this week: Australian lungfish provides details on the movement of vertebrate life from water to land, and more.