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federal budget

The Canadian non-profit agency will use its funding for new innovation centers, and to support forestry, environmental, health, and other competitive research grants.

The bill would give NSF $8.2 billion for fiscal-year 2011, compared to the $7.4 billion the White House asked for in its budget proposal for next year. It also includes a public-private research program, and a pilot prize research plan.

DOE's Biology programs in 2011 would land $322 million for a range of energy-related 'omics and other studies.

After spending $4.6 billion in 2009 in stimulus funding for scientific research, NIH still has much left in the bank for infrastructure, research, and facilities.

The genomics funding organization would receive the funds for its centers and for forestry and environmental research.

The increased funds in President Obama's 2011 budget proposal will keep NHGRI and NCI's funding above or around biomedical inflation.

Obama sees a need to "sacrifice some worthy priorities," as efforts to restrain deficits could potentially impact post-stimulus science spending.


Mainichi reports that 43 percent of Japanese individuals said they did not want to eat agricultural products that had been modified using gene-editing tools.

Two US Department of Agriculture research departments are moving to the Kansas City area, according to the Washington Post.

Slate's Jane Hu compares some at-home genetic tests to astrology.

In PLOS this week: analysis of polygenic risk scores for skin cancer, chronic pain GWAS, and more.