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The RNA Institute was launched this summer to help drive RNA-based drug discovery.

Longtime trustee Arthur Brody, a San Diego businessman and philanthropist, has pledged $1 million to the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute to help commercialize the institution's discoveries into drug treatments.

Faculty from the University of Maryland Institute for Genome Sciences will work closely with the new enterprise in its study of the interaction between the human body and the microbes that inhabit it.

The university will use the funds to create a new chair to focus on bioinformatics, population genomics, and chronic disease genomics research.

The gift, given anonymously, will support the creation of new faculty positions, DNA sequencing work, and the DNA bank.

The funds will be divided equally between MD Anderson's Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy and a Center for Targeted Therapy.

The support from the Carver Charitable Trust will be used to establish a facilities endowment for proteomics in the medical college.

An anonymous California venture capitalist and philanthropist has agreed to donate $6 million over five years to the Institute for Systems Biology.

The funds will be used both in Florida and La Jolla, Calif.


The former commissioner of the FDA has returned to the venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates as a special partner on the healthcare investment team.

Astronauts have edited yeast genes on the International Space Station in an experiment designed to show how cells repair themselves in space.

Emory University has found that two of its researchers failed to divulge they had received funds from China, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In Science this week: influence of the nuclear genome on human mitochondrial DNA, and more.