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clinical trial

The partners will conduct a study of 4,000 patients to determine genetic factors that may lead to an increased risk for periodontitis.

The two-year study will assess the impact of genetic information on determining warfarin dosage and changes in the rate of adverse events when beginning a warfarin treatment regimen.

The recruitment effort seeks researchers to fill two new positions in metabolic engineering and synthetic biology; two new positions in computational tools and technology development; and two existing positions in chemical, molecular and systems biology, and bioengineering.

Epigenomics' PCR-based lung cancer reflex diagnostic test has been validated in a key clinical trial, clearing the way for the test to receive the CE Mark for in vitro diagnostics and for the company to launch the test in Europe in coming weeks.

Notably, the abstract indicates that one patient in the study died from liver failure following treatment, an adverse event that "was deemed possibly related to" the drug.

Although in the short term it will continue to focus on CALAA-01, the siRNA-based drug expected to create partnerships for Calando, Arrowhead is considering initiating new drug-development programs.

An advertisement posted this week in Nature seeks candidates for the position who "must be internationally renowned biomedical scientists capable of leading a complex research organisation."

Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo), who chairs the state Assembly's Select Committee on Biotechnology, said the bill is an attempt to address increased competition by states, cities, and regions for California's life-sciences employers. A bill analysis projects the cost of the position "in the range of $300,000."

According to unofficial results, the Third Frontier extension passed by a 62-38 percent margin, benefiting from a consensus of support among life sciences leaders, business leaders, and government officials from both political parties.

While the drug was well tolerated and showed some signs of clinical activity, Tekmira said that it has put the phase I program on hold in order to select a new siRNA and drug-delivery formulation for development. The new agent is expected to be "several-fold more potent than the current formulation," the company said.


According to Gizmodo, researchers have developed a list of a million nucleic acid-like polymers that could store genetic information.

An opinion piece in the Washington Post argues that golden rice could save the sight and lives of many children.

US National Institutes of Health has issued a new draft data-sharing policy, ScienceInsider reports.

In Cell this week: analysis of immune microenvironment in hepatocellular carcinoma, proteogenomic analysis of clear cell renal cell carcinoma, and more.