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Although in the short term it will continue to focus on CALAA-01, the siRNA-based drug expected to create partnerships for Calando, Arrowhead is considering initiating new drug-development programs.

An advertisement posted this week in Nature seeks candidates for the position who "must be internationally renowned biomedical scientists capable of leading a complex research organisation."

Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo), who chairs the state Assembly's Select Committee on Biotechnology, said the bill is an attempt to address increased competition by states, cities, and regions for California's life-sciences employers. A bill analysis projects the cost of the position "in the range of $300,000."

According to unofficial results, the Third Frontier extension passed by a 62-38 percent margin, benefiting from a consensus of support among life sciences leaders, business leaders, and government officials from both political parties.

While the drug was well tolerated and showed some signs of clinical activity, Tekmira said that it has put the phase I program on hold in order to select a new siRNA and drug-delivery formulation for development. The new agent is expected to be "several-fold more potent than the current formulation," the company said.

Under its new program, C-TASC will accept gene data from investigators in either raw or processed format and upload it to an online, searchable database, called StudyCTMS, which will be accessible to all researchers.

The disclosure comes about a month after the company announced that it had received clearance from Spanish regulators to begin the trial, in line with its previously disclosed guidance.


A new analysis finds that nearly half the late-stage clinical trials sponsored by a US National Cancer Institute program influence patient care.

Technology Review reports that sickle cell patients are optimistic about gene editing to treat their disease, but are worried about how available it will be.

The owner of the GEDmatch website tells CBS12 he is considering charging law enforcement a fee to use the site.

In Nature this week: babies born by caesarean section are more likely to have altered gut microbiota profiles, and more.