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According to the firm's CEO, the delay in launching the io system is due to a decision to automate parts of its platform, resulting in increased multiplexing.

NIH and HHS are seeking changes to the clinical trials reporting process, including changes to all NIH-funded trials, even if they are not currently subject to a federal law. 

The assay may represent a new standard of care for Candida-caused sepsis, as it provides twice the accuracy of blood culture methods in a tiny fraction of the time. 

Interleukin will provide its genetic tests for inflammatory and metabolic diseases for a study directed at a cardiovascular disease drug in development.

Roche stopped studying the drug in pre-dementia Alzheimer's patients but is continuing to investigate it in mild dementia patients by tracking cerebral spinal fluid biomarkers.

The Afinitor-containing regimen boosted median progression-free survival by seven months in women with HER2-positive, hormone receptor-negative breast cancer.

The Salt Lake City-based MDx firm has initiated a clinical trial for its sample-to-result Staph identification/resistance test.

Interim data showed 40 percent of patients with a DNA repair signature experienced tumor shrinkage when treated with the drug.

BioMérieux's BioFire Diagnostics subsidary and Cepheid sponsored presentations at the American Association for Molecular Pathology annual meeting in which clinical users shared preliminary data on highly anticipated products from the companies.

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Foundation Medicine today said that it has signed a licensing deal with WuXi PharmaTech, enabling that firm to offer Foundation Medicine's genomic profiling technology to companies conducting clinical trials in China.


A genetic alteration appears to increase heart failure risk among people of African descent, according to the Washington Post.

Gene editing could be an issue competitive sports need to address soon, four researchers from Arizona State University write at Slate.

In his look back at the past decade, BuzzFeed News' Peter Aldhous writes that direct-to-consumer genetic testing has led to "Facebook for genes."

In Nature this week: genetic "clock" that can predict the lifespans of vertebrates, new assembler called wtdbg2, and more.