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clinical trial

Biopsy Troubles

A personalized medicine study has run into problems with poor tumor biopsy samples, Stat News reports.

Why So Few?

University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center researchers examine factors influencing clinical cancer trials with low participant accrual rates.

The number of National Institutes of Health-funded clinical trials has dipped as the number funded by industry has risen, a trio of Johns Hopkins researchers says.

The test, called SeptiCyte, was able to identify about 90 percent of patients with sepsis, and severity of disease did not affect its performance.

Most study participants seem to be increasingly comfortable contributing their genetic results to their electronic medical records as the study progresses.

The clinical trials matchmaker and cancer CRO will look to optimize Cure Forward's platform and use it to recruit patients.

The partnership seeks to improve patients' access to their genomic data as well as relevant clinical trials.

A pair of researchers from the US National Institutes of Health discusses ways to combat deceptive clinical trial participants.

The funds will support the development of bioinformatics tools for use in clinical trials to provide more personalized healthcare for cancer patients

UCSD's Moores Cancer Center will test the utility of the assay to profile ctDNA in blood to monitor cancer patients and assist in therapy selection.


The editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says other lawmakers should take Florida's approach and provide additional protections against genetic discrimination.

The Hill reports 17 states and the District of Columbia are suing over a new policy that would strip international students of their visas if they only attend classes online.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention employees call on the agency to label racism a public health crisis and examine its own policies, NPR reports.

In PNAS this week: genetic evidence for Inca resettlement, analysis of spermatogonial stem cell transcriptomes, and more.