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asset acquisition

GeneWeave's rule-in antibiotic susceptibility testing works where PCR doesn't and offers Roche the possibility of reshaping the microbiology laboratory.

Roche will make a $190 million upfront payment to GeneWeave and could pay an additional $235 million in product-related milestones.

The Belgium-based testing firm believes acquiring the university laboratory will strengthen its position in specialty clinical diagnostic testing.

The firms expanded their deal to develop a companion test for galeterone based on circulating tumor cell technology Qiagen has acquired from AdnaGen.

The firm landed Enzymatics' enzyme solutions unit in the December 2014 acquisition. It also plans to repurchase outstanding convertible notes.

Next month, Toxic Reports plans to fully launch the pathogen identification platform developed by PathoGenetix, which went belly up in the summer. 

Crown is acquiring Molecular Response's existing PDX models and 8,000 viable human tumors for model development.

The firm said it plans to roll out the molecular diagnostic test, which is commercially available in Switzerland, to the rest of Europe through partnerships.

Advanced Scientifics makes biopharmaceutical processing systems and equipment and will be added to Thermo Fisher's Life Sciences Solutions segment.

The acquisition provides Horizon an opportunity to offer on-demand, custom engineered human cell lines to the academic market. 


A new study finds that three dimensional facial scans may be able to aid in diagnosing rare genetic diseases.

The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have retracted two COVID-19 papers due to concerns about the data used in their analyses.

Lawmakers plan to introduce a bill that aims to prevent the theft of US-funded research, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In Science this week: analysis of ancient Caribbean islanders' genomes suggests at least three waves of migration into the region,  DNA barcoding of microbial spores, and more.