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asset acquisition

The firms expanded their deal to develop a companion test for galeterone based on circulating tumor cell technology Qiagen has acquired from AdnaGen.

The firm landed Enzymatics' enzyme solutions unit in the December 2014 acquisition. It also plans to repurchase outstanding convertible notes.

Next month, Toxic Reports plans to fully launch the pathogen identification platform developed by PathoGenetix, which went belly up in the summer. 

Crown is acquiring Molecular Response's existing PDX models and 8,000 viable human tumors for model development.

The firm said it plans to roll out the molecular diagnostic test, which is commercially available in Switzerland, to the rest of Europe through partnerships.

Advanced Scientifics makes biopharmaceutical processing systems and equipment and will be added to Thermo Fisher's Life Sciences Solutions segment.

The acquisition provides Horizon an opportunity to offer on-demand, custom engineered human cell lines to the academic market. 

Diagnovus has developed a suite of oncology and gastroenterology tests using PCR, next-generation sequencing, and gene expression analysis.

Roche Diagnostics announced today it has purchased a technology portfolio for microdissection of slide-mounted tissue sections from AvanSci Bio.

Laboratory Corporation of America has acquired forensics and DNA identification services firm Bode Technology Group.


The former commissioner of the FDA has returned to the venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates as a special partner on the healthcare investment team.

Astronauts have edited yeast genes on the International Space Station in an experiment designed to show how cells repair themselves in space.

Emory University has found that two of its researchers failed to divulge they had received funds from China, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In Science this week: influence of the nuclear genome on human mitochondrial DNA, and more.