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Twist Bioscience, Element Biosciences Partner on Exome Sequencing Workflow for Aviti System

NEW YORK – Twist Bioscience and Element Biosciences on Tuesday announced a collaboration to develop the Twist for Element, Exome 2.0 plus Comprehensive Exome Spike-in Workflow for Element’s Aviti sequencer.

The workflow trims the steps needed for linear library conversion when working with the Aviti chemistry. It includes Twist's library preparation and target enrichment, together with the Exome 2.0 panel and comprehensive spike-in. The Exome 2.0 panel is designed to detect rare and inherited diseases, as well as germline mutations related to inherited cancers with high uniformity and low off-target rate.

"Pairing Twist's robust NGS workflows with Element’s Aviti technology will offer customers an economical and streamlined approach to next-generation sequencing," Emily Leproust, CEO and cofounder of Twist Bioscience, said in a statement.

Element recently laid out a product roadmap for the year that includes a suite of new technologies and products, such as a sequencing kit promising Q50 quality scores or an error rate of just 1 in 100,000, as well as a new chemistry that eliminates the need for library conversion from samples prepared for other sequencing platforms.

The sequencing company has also partnered with other firms on various sequencing workflow projects over the past year, including Qiagen, Revvity, and Integrated DNA Technologies.