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Takara Bio, Jumpcode Genomics Cross-License CRISPR-Based RNA Depletion Tech

NEW YORK – Takara Bio and Jumpcode Genomics said Thursday that they have cross-licensed their respective intellectual property for CRISPR-based ribosomal RNA depletion.

Under the terms of the deal, the firms have granted each other licenses in exchange for a royalty payment. Both will continue to sell their products worldwide, paying royalties on sales in markets where the other has patent coverage. Other financial details were not disclosed.

"We are very pleased to be working with Jumpcode to bring together the innovative technology platforms and foundational IP of both companies," Takara Bio CEO Carol Lou said in a statement. "This agreement brings clarity for both Takara Bio's and Jumpcode's customers and partners and paves the way for both companies to combine their strengths to better enable genomics research."

The partnership follows a patent dispute between the firms in Europe. In December, Takara Bio announced that it had successfully challenged the validity of a Jumpcode patent in Europe. That followed a 2022 decision where Takara Bio staved off Jumpcode's challenge to a patent covering its ZapR technology.

RNA depletion technologies such as Takara Bio's ZapR and Jumpcode's DepleteX and CRISPRclean remove abundant but unwanted ribosomal RNA sequences from samples.

The companies' combined IP comprises multiple patents and patent applications worldwide, including US Patent No. 11,708,606, held by Jumpcode, and US Patent No. 10,150,985, held by Takara Bio.