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SGI-DNA Launches Early Access Program for Synthetic DNA System

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – SGI-DNA announced on Thursday the launch of the early access program for the company's BioXp 3200 system. 

The workstation can simultaneously build 32 unique double-stranded DNA fragments, and enables researchers to produce synthetic DNA fragments "virtually hands-free," according to the company. Daniel Gibson, vice president of DNA technology at SGI-DNA's parent firm, Synthetic Genomics, said in a statement that the company plans to build out the platform's capabilities by continuing to develop downstream applications for synthetic biology. 

Eventually, the BioXp 3200 "will allow researchers to focus on experimental design instead of performing many of the tedious tasks of cloning and expression," he said. 

The system uses Gibson assembly technology — a DNA assembly method developed by Gibson in which multiple DNA fragments are joined in a single, isothermal reaction — coupled with an error correction formulation, resulting in the synthesis of highly accurate DNA fragments, SGI-DNA said. The fragments can be used for applications such as off-line sequencing, cloning, assembly into larger fragments, and expression into RNA and proteins. Customers can also synthesize longer and more challenging constructs by using SGI-DNA's custom gene synthesis service option, the firm said. 

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