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Scale Biosciences Forges Single-Cell Sequencing Partnerships With BioLegend, Vizgen, SPT Labtech

NEW YORK – Scale Biosciences (ScaleBio) on Monday disclosed three strategic partnerships with BioLegend, Vizgen, and SPT Labtech to expand the capabilities and availability of its single-cell and spatial omics products.

In addition, ScaleBio announced the development of a new workflow that enables the preparation of sequencing-ready single-cell libraries of up to 2 million cells per experiment using two plates instead of three. The company announced the workflow at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

ScaleBio plans to initially commercialize this platform as part of a single-cell, high-parameter protein profiling workflow leveraging TotalSeq-A antibody panels from BioLegend, part of Revvity.

The company also said it will incorporate the platform into its single-cell RNA sequencing portfolio, giving customers access to thousands of samples and millions of cells, for ultra-high throughput experiments in applications such as functional drug screening.

Meanwhile, ScaleBio and Vizgen have partnered to combine their single-cell and spatial biology technologies, and at AGBT they will share high-resolution data from serial mouse brain tissue sections demonstrating single-cell RNA-seq and targeted spatial gene expression to identify matching cell types, including all major cell types in the brain and subtypes of neurons.

The matched datasets will also allow for integration of Vizgen's targeted neuronal panel with spatial mapping and cell-typing with ScaleBio's high-throughput single-cell RNA data which enables profiling of low-abundance cells and non-targeted gene expression to map to the spatial analysis.

"The unique combination of our technology and that of ScaleBio is capable of powering deep analysis to uncover a tissue's composition and the roles and interactions of heterogeneous cell types within that tissue. Such data can then be leveraged for a variety of applications, including neuroscience and cancer biology," Terry Lo, president and CEO of Vizgen, said in a statement.

Finally, the collaboration with SPT Labtech aims to offer customers an automated way to implement workflows on SPT Labtech's Firefly platform via plug-and-play, cloud-based scripts optimized for ScaleBio library preparation protocols.

ScaleBio also offers its Seq Suite on New York City-based Basepair's bioinformatics platform through another partnership forged last year. This allows researchers to upload FASTQ and BCL files through Basepair's graphical user interface for rapid analysis and report generation.