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New Products: ScaleBio, Bio-Rad, Velsera, EditCo Bio, Quantabio, SeqWell, IDT, Meridian Bioscience

Scale Biosciences ScalePlex

Scale Biosciences (ScaleBio) has launched ScalePlex, a single-cell RNA sequencing multiplexing technology designed to simplify large-scale single-cell genomics studies. ScalePlex overcomes the limitations of traditional lipid- or antibody-based single-cell multiplexing technologies by using a modified oligo tag added during fixation. The simple workflow eliminates the need for individual fixation and washing steps prior to sample pooling, and eliminates upfront optimizations or titrations, the company said. ScalePlex preserves precious samples, making it particularly valuable for researchers working with small biological tissue samples, such as those used in oncology and neuroscience experiments, the company added. The technology also supports large-scale CRISPR screening studies including high-throughput drug screening applications across many samples and conditions at single-cell resolution, ScaleBio said.

Bio-Rad Celselect Slides 2.0

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched Celselect Slides 2.0 for rare cell and circulating tumor cell capture. Compatible with the company's Genesis Cell Isolation System, the latest version of Celselect Slides allows researchers to load 2.5X more sample per slide compared to Celselect Slides 1.0, increasing the sample volume from 4 ml to 10 ml. The number of microchambers in which CTCs are captured has also increased, from 56,400 in the version 1.0 slides to 140,800 in the version 2.0 slides. The Genesis System's two-bay design accepts two Celselect Slides that can be run independently, now permitting a total volume of 20 ml of sample to be processed at one time. The new slide design is also compatible with full standard blood tube runs (about 8 ml), allowing seamless integration into researchers' existing workflows, the company said.

Velsera CGW Plus Platform

Velsera has launched CGW Plus, the latest version of its Clinical Genomics Workspace (CGW) platform. A standout feature of CGW Plus is its expanded clinical and biological evidence review capabilities, the company said. Using automated oncogenicity evaluations based on data from COSMIC, ClinVar, and other sources, the platform helps streamline the triaging of variants. The intuitive graphical filtering interface allows users to quickly evaluate preconfigured filter logic and perform targeted reviews without having to identify relevant biomarkers using ad hoc, repetitive, and manual processes, Velsera said. In addition, the CGW Plus reporting process is significantly streamlined with automated draft interpretive text, and the platform features adaptive learning and memory features, allowing users to review all therapeutic, prognostic, and diagnostic biomarker associations in a single view.

EditCo Bio Knockout CD8+ T-Cell Pools

EditCo Bio has launched Knockout CD8+ T-cell Pools for primary T-cell editing. Building upon the company's Knockout CD4+ T-cell Pools, the new product enables researchers to bypass challenging optimization steps and access highly functional edited T cells for immediate use, EditCo said. The seven-day protocol and proprietary guide RNA technology yields knockout efficiencies approaching 100 percent in primary human CD8+ T cells. Additionally, EditCo said it has several prescreened and optimized donor cells available.

Quantabio eQo 1-Step ToughMix Kit

Quantabio has released the eQo 1-Step ToughMix kit, which comes in a lyophilized, bead-based, and eco-friendly format that can be stored and set up at ambient temperature. Featuring the company's ToughMix chemistry, the new kit was designed for use with a wide range of challenging starting materials with common PCR inhibitors. New enzymes and chemistry enable specific and efficient conversion of even highly structured RNAs at temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees C. The highly processive, warm-start reverse transcriptase allows scientists to run qPCR and PCR experiments without ice on the bench and in the field. Once the lyophilized eQo beads are rehydrated, the 4X concentrated master mix is stable for one year at -2 degrees C. The kit was created to withstand multiple freeze and thaw cycles, and the single-tube format facilitates easy reaction setup and prevents potential cross-contamination, the company said.

SeqWell Tagify i5 UMI Adapter-Loaded Transposase Reagents

SeqWell has launched a new portfolio of Tagify loaded-transposase reagents, including Tagify i5 Unique Molecular Identifier (UMI) adapter-loaded Tn5 transposase.

SeqWell will also offer loading of transposases, including its TnX transposase, with customer-specified oligonucleotides. The Tagify portfolio provides fully quality-controlled, loaded transposases with a defined level of enzyme activity and payload verification. This eliminates the need of laboratories to purify, load, and characterize the final loaded transposase.

Tagify i5 UMI adapter-loaded transposase reagents support gene editing analysis assays, such as the UdiTaS method, that rely on tagmentation to simultaneously fragment and tag genomic DNA with Illumina-compatible adapters using a highly scalable workflow. These off-the-shelf reagents are available as a set of either 24 or 96 transposases each containing an i5 barcode and a UMI for high-throughput applications.

Integrated DNA Technologies xGen HIV Amplicon Panel

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) has introduced the xGen HIV Amplicon Panel, which consists of primers designed to cover 99.3 percent of the HIV genome and provides a single-tube, two-step PCR amplification workflow with overlapping primer sets to obtain high levels of genome coverage from as little as 1,000 double-stranded viral genome copies. The workflow takes 2.5 hours and includes up to 1,536 unique dual indexing primers for multiplexed sequencing, the company said.

Meridian Bioscience Lyophilized Library Prep Kit for NGS

Meridian Bioscience has introduced a lyophilized next-generation sequencing library preparation kit. Designed initially for sequencing by synthesis protocols, the new kit stabilizes the library prep process at room temperature, eliminating the need for cold-chain shipping and storage. The kit contains ready-to-use lyophilized reactions to simplify the end-repair, A-tailing, ligation, and library amplification steps of most sequencing protocols. Its launch follows Meridian's April 2024 launch of glycerol-free NGS enzymes, underscoring the company's commitment to developing eco-conscious and cost-effective components for diagnostic assay developers.

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