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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Ultima Genomics, Qiagen, NanoString, Delfi Diagnostics, More

Ultima Genomics UG100 Sequencing System

Ultima Genomics has launched the UG100 high-throughput sequencing system.

The system features 24/7 run automation, flexibility for smaller and faster runs, high accuracy for germline applications, and an "extreme accuracy mode" for somatic applications and rare event detection.

The UG 100 platform incorporates several significant hardware upgrades compared to the early-access system. The commercial version will also include a new ppmSeq technology that provides high raw read accuracy for calling single nucleotide variants for applications such as detection of low-level circulating tumor DNA, the company said.

Qiagen Enhanced CLC Genomics Workbench Premium Supporting NGS for Somatic Cancer Secondary Analysis

Qiagen's Digital Insights bioinformatics business has launched an enhanced version of its CLC Genomics Workbench Premium with LightSpeed software that supports next-generation sequencing for somatic cancer secondary analysis.

The software converts raw sequencing data in FASTQ files to lists of genetic variants in VCF files at low cost and high speed, the company said. Requiring no new hardware or software licenses beyond CLC, LightSpeed analyzes a 275-gene comprehensive cancer panel at 3,377X coverage in six minutes for approximately $.72 per test within standard cloud environments. Labs can also run the CLC LightSpeed technology on existing local hardware with similar performance.

The enhancement is in addition to the previous capabilities of the software for analyzing whole-genome sequencing, whole-exome sequencing, and large panel sequencing data. Specifically, LightSpeed analyzes an entire genome at 34X coverage in 25 minutes, and a 50X whole exome in 90 seconds within standard cloud environments. Labs can run WGS analyses for about $1.00 per genome and WES for less than a few cents per exome, Qiagen said.

NanoString Technologies: CosMx Human 6K Discovery Panel

NanoString Technologies has announced the availability of the CosMx Human 6K Discovery panel. The spatial biology assay measures over 6,000 RNA targets, representing nearly every human biological pathway, the company said.

Delfi Diagnostics Delfi-Tumor Fraction (Delfi-TF) Assay

Delfi Diagnostics announced the availability of its Delfi Tumor Fraction (Delfi-TF) fragmentome-based research-use-only (RUO) cancer monitoring assay for the noninvasive measurement of tumor burden and assessment of treatment response and resistance in patients with advanced cancer. The company said that the assay requires very little plasma, has a low cost of processing, and is not confounded by clonal hematopoiesis or driver mutation switches. Delfi also said it has entered a new research collaboration with Immunocore Holdings to evaluate the test as an early predictor of benefit from a novel class of bispecific T-cell receptor immunotherapies. The companies said Delfi's assay is highly correlated with the mutant allele fraction measures that are currently used to evaluate treatment response and resistance to immunotherapies in advanced cancer patients.

LGC Clinical Diagnostics SeraSeq ctDNA Lymphoma Mutation Mix

LGC Clinical Diagnostics has launched the SeraSeq ctDNA Lymphoma Mutation Mix, which, in conjunction with the SeraSeq Lymphoma DNA Mutation Mix and FFPE Lymphoma Reference Material, establishes a complete set of lymphoid reference materials for next-generation sequencing-based lymphoid assay development, the company said. Together, the materials include clinically important SNVs, INDELs, and gene fusions important in lymphoma disease diagnosis and prognosis. Variants are present against a single well-characterized genomic background (GM24385) at clinically relevant allele frequencies, precisely quantitated by digital PCR assays, according to a company product sheet.

HKG EpiTherapeutics MetaGen Mutations Panel

HKG EpiTherapeutics has launched its MetaGen Mutations Panel, a genetic methylation test that evaluates specific genes to offer insights into customers' genetic profiles and their effects on health and aging. The assay is performed on a saliva sample and evaluates specific single SNPs in the AHCY, COMT, MTHFR, MTR, and MTRR genes, which play a key role in the body's methylation processes. These processes influence a wide array of biological functions including DNA methylation and repair, detoxification, and neurotransmitter synthesis, the company said. Consumers who order the panel will receive a bundle that also includes HKG's epiAge test, a biological age test that uses a saliva testing kit to determine "actual body age" based on DNA methylation, as well as HKG's epiSmoke test to assess smoke exposure effects.

Infinity Bio Antibody Profiling Service

Infinity Bio has launched an antibody profiling service using MIPSA (molecular indexing of proteins by self-assembly) technology. The company said that its current catalog of antigen panels — VirSIGHT, HuSIGHT, and AllerSIGHT — blend full-length protein and peptide libraries to provide in-depth assays for detecting antibodies targeting all human viruses, self-proteins, or allergic proteins, respectively, in a single test. Infinity said that its science-as-a-service model provides detailed, comprehensive, and reproducible antibody-response analyses for cohort studies, clinical trials, vaccine development, immune-oncology therapeutics, biomarker discovery, and monoclonal antibody characterization.

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