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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Twist Bioscience, EpiCypher, Qiagen, Evosep, More

Twist Bioscience Express Genes Rapid Gene Synthesis Service

Twist Bioscience has launched its Twist Express Genes gene synthesis service featuring a five- to seven-day shipping turnaround time. Twist Express Genes ate 0.3 to 5.0kb in length, and orders of any size can be filled, the company said. As with standard speed Twist Clonal Genes, Twist Express Genes are next-generation sequencing-verified as 100 percent accurate, and can be cloned into catalog vectors or custom vectors so that customers can move directly to experimentation. They can also be shipped in customers' preferred delivery formats, including tube and plate, Twist said.

EpiCypher Cutana autoCUT&RUN Assay

EpiCypher of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina has launched a fully automated version of its Cutana CUT&RUN assay (autoCUT&RUN) for high-throughput mapping of chromatin features. CUT&RUN assays are used to map the genomic distribution of chromatin-associated proteins, including histone modifications, transcription factors, and chromatin remodelers. Compared to chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), CUT&RUN generates high-resolution chromatin profiling data with improved signal-to-noise, but only requires a fraction of the cells and sequencing depth, EpiCypher said. The company also said it developed autoCUT&RUN to meet demand for large-scale application, including therapeutic mechanism of action, drug dosing, cell identity fingerprinting, and biomarker discovery. The company has "soft launched" the product, according to a spokesperson, and will soon include the technology in an assay service and customized kits.

Qiagen TissueLyser III, RNeasy PowerMax Soil Pro Kit

Qiagen has launched the TissueLyser III instrument and the RNeasy PowerMax Soil Pro Kit.

TissueLyser III is a high-throughput bead mill instrument that disrupts plant and animal tissues, bone, bacteria, and yeast to enable access to nucleic acids. It performs high-speed shaking in tubes or 96-well plates using stainless zirconium or steel, ceramic, or glass beads.

The RNeasy PowerMax Soil Pro Kit is compatible with TissueLyser III. The kit utilizes Qiagen's proprietary Inhibitor Removal Technology for challenging soil samples as part of a streamlined workflow. It is designed for soil samples rich in PCR inhibitors, such as compost, sediment, and manure, and is equipped with larger 50-mL bead-beating tubes to handle soil samples of up to 15 grams.

Evosep ProteoCHIP EVO 96

Evosep has launched its ProteoCHIP EVO 96 platform for single-cell proteomics research. The platform, which was developed in collaboration with Cellenion, combines Evosep's liquid chromatography systems with Cellenion's single-cell isolation and dispensing technology to create a standardized workflow for isolating and processing up to 96 single cells in parallel and transferring them into Evosep's Evotip separation devices.

MemVerge WaveRider for Sentieon

Bioinformatics firm Sentieon and MemVerge, a memory software firm, have launched WaveRider for Sentieon, a performance enhancement for genomics analysis. WaveRider applies more cloud computing resources when needed and fewer when appropriate. It improves performance and reduces cloud computing costs, the companies said. MemVerge Memory Machine Cloud Users can receive up to 5,000 core hours of Sentieon per month.

CeGaT ExomeXtra 5.0

German genetic diagnostics company CeGaT has launched version 5.0 of its ExomeXtra exome diagnostic test. The new version integrates a backbone for the genome-wide detection of copy number variants. It also includes all protein-coding regions of the genome, clinically relevant RNA genes, more than 38,000 intergenic and intronic positions associated with genetic diseases, the mitochondrial genome, and pharmacogenomic variants in selected genes. The company sequences the exome at 100X-120X coverage.

Biotype Modaplex Upgrade

German molecular diagnostics company Biotype has upgraded its Modaplex benchtop diagnostics platform, which was first launched in September of this year. The new version has simplified software for automated data analysis for the detection and quantification of cancer-related RNA and DNA biomarkers. Modaplex is an open system, enabling third parties such as molecular test manufacturers or pharmaceutical firms to develop and market their own assays for the platform.

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