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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Twist Bioscience, Centogene, Juno Diagnostics, Bio-Techne, More

Twist Alliance CNTG NGS Target Enrichment Panels

Twist Bioscience and Centogene have launched three next-generation sequencing target enrichment panels to support rare disease and hereditary cancer research as well as diagnostics. All three panels were curated using the Centogene Biodatabank, which contains data or samples from 700,000 patients. The Twist Alliance CNTG Exome Panel relies on a core exome, mitochondrial genome, and other content for enhanced coverage of genes and variants related to rare diseases. The Twist Alliance CNTG Rare Disease Panel includes more than 2,500 rare disease-associated genes, such as for treatable diseases, early-onset childhood disorders, cardiac disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, skeletal abnormalities, and metabolic disorders. The Twist Alliance CNTG Hereditary Oncology Panel includes 72 cancer-associated genes, such as those for hereditary breast cancer, gastrointestinal tumors, Li-Fraumeni syndrome, MEN1, MEN2, and paragangliomas.

Juno Diagnostics: Juno Hazel Plus

JunoDx launched the Juno Hazel Plus noninvasive prenatal screening assay, along with an early-access program. The lab-developed test screens for common chromosomal trisomies, sex chromosome aneuploidies, and fetal sex without the need for phlebotomy via JunoDx's proprietary fingerprick-based Sample Collection Kit. Juno Hazel Plus expands aneuploidy risk assessment beyond that offered by Juno Hazel. This includes screening for sex chromosome aneuploidies such as monosomy X (Turner syndrome), XXY syndrome (Klinefelter syndrome), triple X syndrome, and XYY syndrome (Jacobs syndrome), in addition to common aneuploidy screening and fetal sex testing. The early-access program is meant to provide physicians, genetic counselors, and other providers with exclusive access to the company's suite of products and services in advance of public launch.

Bio-Techne RNAscope Plus smRNA-RNA Detection Assay

Bio-Techne has launched the RNAscope Plus smRNA-RNA detection assay. It enables the simultaneous fluorescent detection of a small regulatory RNA and three target RNAs or RNA biomarkers in the same tissue section at single-cell and subcellular resolution. The assay is available for use on the Leica Bond Rx platform and as a manual assay. It offers researchers a new tool to quantify changes in gene expression and cellular function in response to the introduction of regulatory RNAs.

KromaTiD Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Service

KromaTiD said this week that it has added plasmid DNA manufacturing to its services. The firm offers three plasmid grades: research, transfection, and low endotoxin. In addition, it provides three production modes: research-use-only, pre-GMP, and a certifiable suite for cGMP. Turnaround time for research-grade products is five to 10 days.

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