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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Twist Bioscience, Alamar Biosciences, 23andMe, More

Twist Bioscience Twist Precision Dx NGS Products

Twist Bioscience has launched three Twist Precision Dx next-generation sequencing products that are CE-marked and compliant with the European Union's In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation. The Twist Precision Prep and Enrichment Dx Kit and the Twist Precision Exome Dx Panel can be used individually within existing workflows. Combined, they form the Twist Precision Exome Dx Kit, which can be used to produce exome-enriched libraries for NGS applications. Twist is also collaborating with Platomics, enabling labs to generate documentation on Platomics' platform for workflows incorporating the Twist Precision Exome Dx Kit and to help automate regulatory processes for faster compliance.

Alamar Biosciences NULISAseq CNS Disease Panel 120 and NULISAqpcr pTau-217 Assay

Alamar Biosciences said this week it has launched its NULISAseq CNS Disease Panel 120 for analysis of 120 proteins implicated in major neurological disorders and its NULISAqpcr pTau-217 Assay for focused measurement of the Alzheimer's biomarker phosphorylated-tau 217. Both assays run on the company's Argo HT system.

23andMe Breast, Prostate, Colorectal Cancer PRS Reports

23andMe released three new polygenic risk score (PRS)-informed genetic reports on breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer. The reports aim to inform customers on whether they may have a relative increased likelihood of developing any of these conditions. The availability of the breast cancer and prostate cancer PRS reports depends on self-reported birth sex. The new reports neither diagnose nor describe a person's overall likelihood for developing the conditions, and they do not include all genetic variants, including those linked to hereditary cancer syndromes, that may be associated with risks for these conditions. The colorectal cancer report is currently only available for individuals of European and Latino/Hispanic descent, as there is not yet enough data to provide a result for other genealogical ancestries. The PRS models underpinning the new reports were developed using the 23andMe database and validated using an external database.

RealSeq RNA-seq on Singular Genomics G4

RealSeq is now offering its transcriptome analysis services, including its RNA fragmentomics (RealSeq-RF) technology, on the Singular Genomics G4 sequencing platform. According to the company, the combined technologies allow for new discoveries where sequencing costs have been prohibitive.

Igentify NIPT and PGx for Digital Genetic Assistant

Digital health company Igentify has launched its noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) and pharmacogenomics (PGx) offerings for its Digital Genetic Assistant platform. The NIPT workflow includes a patient web-app that facilitates all aspects of patient intake, including an ACOG-compliant consenting process using Igentify's proprietary video technology to create highly personalized educational videos for each patient. The Digital Genetic Assistant also provides clinician-facing tools that enable fast triaging and return of low-risk results via personalized videos, including optional disclosure of fetal sex.

The PGx workflow encompasses raw genetic data to report, with analysis capabilities for haplotyping and star allele calling. The platform currently supports 45 pharmacogenes with a star-allele call rate of 99.7 percent, the company said.

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