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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Thermo Fisher, Takara Bio, Twist Bioscience, Bosch, More

Thermo Fisher Scientific Applied Biosystems Axiom BloodGenomix Array and Software

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the Applied Biosystems Axiom BloodGenomix array and software for blood genotyping. The new array detects most extended and rare blood groups, tissue (HLA), and platelet (HPA) types in a single, high-throughput assay, Thermo Fisher said. In addition to HLA and HPA types, the assay also covers more than 40 genes and 260 antigens across 38 blood group systems. The BloodGenomix array can be coupled with Applied Biosystems BloodGenomix Reporter software and the Applied Biosystems GeneTitan MC Instrument.

Takara Bio PrimeCap T7 RNA Polymerase

Takara Bio has launched the PrimeCap T7 RNA Polymerase, a mutant T7 RNA polymerase designed for mRNA therapeutic research and development. According to Takara, PrimeCap T7 RNA Polymerase has been genetically engineered to maintain high-performance RNA synthesis activity while reducing dsRNA production to less than 10 percent. Additional genetic modifications have resulted in a fourfold reduction of cap analog concentration in the IVT reaction while maintaining a capping efficiency above 95 percent, the company said. The enzyme is currently available in research grade, but the company said it plans to soon release a GMP version of the enzyme.

Twist Bioscience Multiplexed Gene Fragments

Twist Bioscience has launched its Multiplexed Gene Fragments, pools of directly synthesized double-stranded DNA between 301 bp and 500 bp long to enable high-throughput screening applications. The fragments are synthesized from customer-defined sequences with no limit on sequence number, though pool size starts at 1,000. Turnaround time is eight business days. Potential applications include CRISPR-based screening and genome engineering, antibody discovery, protein engineering applications, mRNA vaccine development, and massively parallel reporter assays, the company said.

Bosch Healthcare Solutions Vivalytic Candida Auris Assay

Bosch Healthcare Solutions has launched a PCR test for detecting Candida auris on the Vivalytic platform. The system can provide fully automated detection of the fungus in less than one hour at the point of care, and can be used for diagnosis or screening. The Vivalytic C. auris test is now available from distribution partners, including Randox Laboratories and R-Biopharm, and Bosch Healthcare Solutions is in the process of obtaining CE certification.

Micronbrane Medical PaRTI-Cular mNGS Bioinformatic Web App

Micronbrane Medical launched the PaRTI-Cular Bioinformatics Web Application for research use only (RUO). The cloud-based, code-free tool is complimentary when used with the company's Pathogen Real-Time Identification by Sequencing (PaRTI-Seq) assay. PaRTI-Cular is a curated, continually updated pipeline with genome information for thousands of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. The RUO version applies preset parameters developed by Micronbrane Medical and has been rigorously tested with numerous low biomass human clinical samples, the company said. Downloadable data includes counts and percentages of raw, QC, control, human, microbial, and unclassified reads by species, the company added.

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