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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Alamar Biosciences

Thermo Fisher Scientific Axiom PangenomiX Array

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the Axiom PangenomiX Array for population-scale disease and pharmacogenomics research. The array combines SNP genotyping, whole-genome copy number variant detection, fixed copy number discovery, as well as blood and HLA typing. It is designed for disease risk and detection research, ancestry and wellness testing, drug efficacy testing, and drug development research. The array includes clinically relevant PGx markers and pathogenic variants and offers enhanced whole-genome imputation as well as a high level of diversity for testing different ethnicities.

Alamar Biosciences Argo HT System and NULISAseq Inflammation Panel 250

Alamar Biosciences has launched its Argo HT proteomics system, an immunoassay-based platform for running the company's NULISA assays.

According to the company, the system allows for the automated running of NULISA assays in biofluids with less than 30 minutes of hands-on time and can measure proteins across 12 orders of dynamic range.

The company also launched its NULISAseq Inflammation Panel 250, an assay panel for the Argo HT that measures 250 proteins linked to immune response.

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