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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Strata Oncology, Twist Bioscience, Centogene, More

Strata Oncology Strata Select

Strata Oncology has launched a new test called Strata Select, which employs what the firm calls the Immunotherapy Response Score, a novel multivariate predictive biomarker algorithm for anti-PD-1/PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy benefit described earlier this year in a publication in Communications Medicine.

The Immunotherapy Response Score integrates tumor mutational burden, PD-L1 and PD-1 expression, and tumor microenvironment components. It is generated from Strata's larger tumor profiling services, which are covered by Medicare contractor Palmetto under the MolDX program.

Twist Bioscience AsterExome Panel

Twist Bioscience and Aster Insights have launched the AsterExome panel. The targeted sequencing assay blends Twist's Exome 2.0 panel with additional coverage for target regions known to contain 620 genes associated with cancer. It helps identify copy number variants, which can be helpful in identifying cancers driven by gene amplifications, and maintains somatic mutation detection accuracy, sensitivity, and precision.

Centogene FilterTool Application

Centogene has launched FilterTool, a web-based application for genetic data interpretation that integrates with the firm's CE-marked CentoCloud software-as-a-service bioinformatics pipeline. FilterTool allows users to display, filter, select, and classify relevant genetic variants identified by next-generation sequencing data analysis. It makes use of Centogene's bio-databank of about 700,000 individuals from 120 countries, which includes more than 2,500 rare and neurodegenerative diseases. The filters are based on curated annotations from Centogene, proprietary prioritization ranks and scores, and guidelines from the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics. According to the company, FilterTool is one of the first CE-marked, In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) filtering applications for genomic diagnostics.

LifeOmic Molecular Tumor Board

LifeOmic has introduced a software-based product called Molecular Tumor Board, including modules for clinical trial matching and for viewing longitudinal patient histories. The patient viewer brings together genomic test results with electronic health records and displays an indexed list of genomic variants augmented with annotation beyond what clinical labs provide. LifeOmic annotations help prioritize variants so the trial matcher can identify suitable clinical trials for each patient. The Molecular Tumor Board software then makes recommendations that can be output to the EHR.

DNA Diagnostics Center Peekaboo Click Test

DNA Diagnostics Center (DCC), a member of the Eurofins network of companies, has launched Peekaboo Click, a prenatal blood test to determine the sex of a fetus. The new test uses an at-home collection device to obtain capillary blood from a pregnant woman's arm as early as six weeks into pregnancy. Customers send the sample to DDC's laboratory, where it is analyzed using PCR technology to detect the presence of Y chromosomal DNA in cell-free fetal DNA isolated from the sample.

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