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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: SPT Labtech, New England Biolabs, OncoDNA, More

SPT Labtech Firefly Liquid Handling Platform

SPT Labtech this week launched the Firefly liquid handling platform for next-generation sequencing library prep. Firefly combines pipetting, dispensing, incubating, and shaking into a single platform. It features a 384-pipetting module and three or six dispense heads, and the pipetting operates in several configurations: 384, 96, columns of 16 (364 format), and columns of 8 (96 format), from 0.5 µL to 125 µL (extending to 50 µL with an optional adapter). The platform is fully application ready with prevalidated protocols for library preparation kits NEBNext Ultra II DNA; NEBNext Ultra II FS DNA; NEBNext Ultra II RNA; and Illumina DNA Prep with a rolling program of new validated protocols in development. In addition, a peer-to-peer cloud-based network will allow researchers to share their custom protocols and use SPT Labtech's validated tools.

New England Biolabs LyoPrime Luna RT-qPCR Master Mix

New England Biolabs has launched LyoPrime Luna RT-qPCR master mix, its first lyophilized reagent product since the acquisition of lyophilization R&D service company Fluorogenics in 2021.

The product enables a fast and simple resuspension with the addition of nuclease-free water, room-temperature shipping and storage, as well as a shelf life of two years at room temperature. It supports multiplexing of up to five targets and uses Luna WarmStart RT paired with Hot Start Taq to increase reaction specificity and robustness. The product's passive reference dye offers compatibility across a variety of instrument platforms, and it includes thermolabile UDG and dUTP to prevent carryover contamination as well as a non-fluorescent blue tracking dye for ease of pipetting.

OncoDNA OncoDeep Kit

OncoDNA has launched the OncoDeep kit, a disseminated version of its in-house OncoDeep cancer sequencing assay. According to the company, the kit offers a complete workflow solution incorporating Twist Bioscience's enrichment and library preparation solutions. The panel covers over 600 cancer biomarkers, and will be coupled with OncoDNA's data analysis and clinical interpretation tools. The test panel is optimized for the reliable analysis of somatic variants and translocations while also facilitating the measurement of complex genomic signatures such as homologous recombination deficiency, tumor mutational burden, microsatellite instability, and loss of heterozygosity. The kit is currently available for early access, with a full launch planned by the end of Q2 2022.

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The Scan

Polygenic Risk Score to Predict Preeclampsia, Gestational Hypertension in Pregnant Women

Researchers in Nature Medicine provide new mechanistic insights into the development of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, which may help develop therapeutics.

New Oral Nanomedicine Strategy Targets Gut-Brain Axis to Treat IBD

A new paper in Science Advances describes a platform to design polyphenol-armored oral medicines that are effective at treating inflammatory bowel disease.

Phylogenetic Data Enables New Floristic Map

Researchers in Nature Communications use angiosperm phylogenetic data to refine the floristic regions of the world.

Machine Learning Helps ID Molecular Mechanisms of Pancreatic Islet Beta Cell Subtypes in Type 2 Diabetes

The approach helps overcome limitations of previous studies that had investigated the molecular mechanisms of pancreatic islet beta cells, the authors write in their Nature Genetics paper.