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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: SpeeDx, Vizgen, Dovetail Genomics, Meridian Bioscience, More

SpeeDx RespiV PlexPlus

SpeeDx has launched the RespiV PlexPlus assay for research use only. The test uses the company's new PlexPlus technology, which allows the detection of multiple targets within each channel using standard qPCR instrumentation. This innovation comes from specialized universal probes that fluoresce in a temperature-dependent manner, with their fluorescence acquired at two temperatures across multiple wavelengths in real time, the company said. RespiV PlexPlus simultaneously detects 14 respiratory viral targets in a single well: influenza A virus; influenza B virus; SARS-CoV-2; respiratory syncytial viruses A and B; adenoviruses B and C; human parainfluenza viruses 1, 2, 3 and 4; human metapneumovirus; rhinovirus; and human enterovirus.

Vizgen Merscope Ultra Platform and MERFISH 2.0 Chemistry

Vizgen has launched the Merscope Ultra platform and MERFISH (multiplex, error-resistant fluorescence in situ hybridization) 2.0 Chemistry.

Merscope Ultra is a new high-plex in situ spatial multiomic analysis system that is capable of processing 3 cm2 of tissue on a single slide. The image processing speed of Merscope Ultra doubles that of the previous Merscope platform, Vizgen said. The system can also offer two different size flow cells enabling users to adjust reagent consumption based on the area imaged.

Vizgen said its MERFISH 2.0 chemistry leverages improved RNA anchoring and signal enhancement to increase MERFISH's sensitivity and reproducibility. The optimized chemistry enables broader sample compatibility, improving performance in archival formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples.

Dovetail Genomics LinkPrep NGS

Dovetail Genomics has launched its new LinkPrep NGS technology, a chromosome conformation assay which captures genetic variation in the context of the 3D genome, enabling simultaneous genetic and epigenetic data analyses.

LinkPrep offers higher sensitivity in detecting translocations and intrachromosomal rearrangements compared to conventional methods, while also identifying SNVs, insertions, and deletions. LinkPrep captures chromosome-scale haplotype linkage, enabling applications such as allele-resolved copy number variation, haplotype resolution of variant co-occurrence, and karyotype reconstruction in the context of a cancer genome. It is compatible with hybrid capture panels, offering improved sensitivity over whole genome approaches.

Meridian Bioscience Glycerol-Free NGS Enzymes

Meridian Bioscience has launched a menu of glycerol-free enzymes for use in all steps of next-generation sequencing workflows. The glycerol-free enzyme format enables lyophilization, enabling the preparation of sequencing kits that can be shipped and stored at ambient temperature, thus providing a sustainable alternative by reducing carbon emissions associated with cold-chain logistics, Meridian said. The enzymes are also available in a high-concentration format, meeting the demands for the miniaturization often required in point-of-care devices.

Watchmaker Genomics RNase Inhibitor

Watchmaker Genomics has launched a high-purity RNase inhibitor for single-cell, single-nuclei, and pathogen detection applications. According to the company, key features of the RNase inhibitor include robust protection against RNA degradation at elevated temperatures as well as high-quality performance at a competitive price point.

Qlucore Omics Explorer Cloud

Qlucore has launched a cloud version of its visualization-based bioinformatics data analysis software, called Qlucore Omics Explorer Cloud. It utilizes central cloud computing and encrypted storage and allows users to run and share data analyses from internet-connected computers, tables, and phones. Qlucore offers two packages for the new version, "Standard" for most omics applications and "Performance" for single-cell RNA-seq and other large datasets.

S2 Genomics Singulator 200+ System

S2 Genomics has launched the Singulator 200+ System, an automated sample prep platform designed to isolate nuclei from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue samples for single-nucleus RNA sequencing.

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