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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: SomaLogic, LGC SeraCare, LexaGene, More

SomaLogic Customizable Protein Panels

SomaLogic has made new customizable protein panels available to pharma, biotechnology, and academic research customers. The panels will be structured both as disease-specific panels (predetermined groups of proteins linked to the evaluation of disease or conditions), as well as customizable panels that allow customers to choose their own combinations of interest from SomaLogic's total library of approximately 7,000 measured proteins. The company is offering small-plex panels for cardiovascular (953 analytes); inflammation and immune response (938 analytes); oncology (863 analytes); and nutritional and metabolic diseases (890 analytes). Custom panels between one and 1,500 analytes are available, the company said.

LGC SeraCare Seraseq ctDNA MRD Panel Mix

LGC SeraCare has launched the Seraseq ctDNA MRD Panel Mix reference material designed for use in patient-derived cell-free DNA minimal residual disease next-generation sequencing assays. The product was developed by combining a diseased cell line, its SNP-matched normal cell line, and biosynthetic DNA variants of clinical utility and/or targeted therapeutics, the company noted. The reference material is offered as a purified mutation mix ready for sequencing library prep with no additional extraction or purification step, according to the company.

LexaGene MiQLab Veterinary Bacterial and AMR Panel

LexaGene has released the second generation of its MiQLab Bacterial and AMR (antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance) panel for veterinary use. The new qPCR panel tests for 10 pathogens (up from seven in the first generation panel) and 35 drug resistance genes (up from 13), covering four classes of antimicrobials. The panel produces results in around two hours with about one minute of hands-on time.

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The Scan

Should've Been Spotted Sooner

Scientists tell the Guardian that SARS-CoV-2 testing issues at a UK lab should have been noticed earlier.

For Martian Fuel

Researchers have outlined a plan to produce rocket fuel on Mars that uses a combination of sunlight, carbon dioxide, frozen water, cyanobacteria, and engineered E. coli, according to Gizmodo.

To Boost Rapid Testing

The Washington Post writes that new US programs aim to boost the availability of rapid at-home SARS-CoV-2 tests.

PNAS Papers on Strawberry Evolution, Cell Cycle Regulators, False-Positive Triplex Gene Editing

In PNAS this week: strawberry pan-genome, cell cycle-related roles for MDM2 and MDMX, and more.