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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Seven Bridges, Thermo Fisher, Opentrons, More

Seven Bridges Nextflow, WDL Support

Seven Bridges has expanded its core technology platform to include support for workflows written in Nextflow and Workflow Description Language (WDL). The platform continues to support Common Workflow Language (CWL) workflows, as well as workflows that researchers develop on their own. In addition to the more than 600 optimized CWL workflows available from Seven Bridges, this release enables researchers to leverage large content repositories of WDL and Nextflow workflows, in addition to workflows developed in house, on the Seven Bridges platform.

Thermo Fisher Invitrogen SuperScript IV RT-LAMP Master Mix

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released the Invitrogen SuperScript IV RT-LAMP Master Mix for the fast and sensitive detection of viral pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2, measles, and influenza. The master mix is compatible with multiple methods for evaluating results and allows researchers to optimize assay development for a variety of RNA and DNA targets and concentrations.

Opentrons Robotics Workstations for Genomic, Proteomic Applications

Opentrons Robotics has launched four new OT-2 workstation products to support various omics applications. The new workstations comprise the OT-2 platform, application-specific hardware, pipettes and labware, and custom protocol development, quickly allowing labs to set up automated workflows, the company said.

The new workstations are:

  • NGS Workstation, enabling automation of multiple steps of the pre-sequencing workflow including library and sample preparation, with verified protocols for reagents from Illumina, New England Biolabs, Roche, and Swift Biosciences/IDT, with further verified protocols for other reagents anticipated in mid-2022.
  • PCR Workstation, enabling automated setup of PCR reactions and optional on-board amplification with verified protocols for reagents from Illumina and Swift/IDT.
  • Dual Flow Chromatography-Based Protein Purification Workstation, enabling automated protein purification with Biotage PhyTip columns to maximize binding interactions and sample recovery.
  • Magnetic Bead-Based Protein Purification and Protein Assay Workstation, enabling automated protein purification and sample preparation for proteomics, as well as automating setups for popular protein separation and quantification assays

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