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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Qiagen, Roche, BioEcho, Inocras, Clinical Microbiomics

Qiagen QiaSeq xHyb Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Panel

Qiagen has launched the QiaSeq xHyb Mycobacterium tuberculosis panel for research use. The panel enables culture-free whole genome sequencing (WGS) directly from samples such as sputum or cerebrospinal fluid, significantly reducing time to result and enabling real-time epidemiology of TB outbreaks. It covers the seven major lineages of M. tuberculosis and all antimicrobial resistance-related genes, allowing for the identification of different strains including multidrug-resistant TB, Qiagen said.

Roche Kapa EvoPrep Kit, Kapa EvoPlus V2 Kit

Roche has launched two sequencing library preparation kits, Kapa EvoPrep Kit and Kapa EvoPlus V2 Kit. Both incorporate Kapa EvoT4 DNA ligase, are automation-friendly, and can be used with challenging DNA such as cell-free DNA and DNA from FFPE samples. The Kapa EvoPrep Kit is an upgrade to the Kapa HyperPrep Kit while the KapaEvoPlus V2 Kit replaces the Kapa EvoPlus Kit.

BioEcho Life Sciences EchoLution Tissue RNA Kit

BioEcho Life Sciences has launched the EchoLution Tissue RNA Kit for total RNA extraction from mammalian tissues, including challenging tissues such as muscle. The kit is suitable for a variety of fresh-frozen or stabilized tissues. Single-step purification and ultra-fast tissue lysis enables complete extraction of 96 samples within 35 minutes. The result is highly pure RNA free of contaminants and inhibitors for downstream applications such as RT-qPCR and RNA-seq, the company said.

Inocras CancerVision, RareVision

Inocras (formerly Genome Insight) has launched two diagnostic whole-genome sequencing tests, CancerVision for solid tumors and RareVision for rare diseases. Both tests are offered with genetic counseling services and support for clinical trial matching. CancerVision is a paired somatic/germline test that sequences the genome at 40X average depth and a panel of 500 actionable genes at 500X depth. It analyzes SNVs, indels, structural variants, copy number variants, tumor mutational burden, microsatellite instability, and homologous recombination deficiency. RareVision sequences the genome at 30X average depth and looks for SNVs, indels, structural variants, and copy number variants.

Clinical Microbiomics Advanced Long-read Sequencing Services

Clinical Microbiomics of Copenhagen, Denmark, has launched advanced long-read sequencing services for academic, clinical, and industrial researchers, enabling 16S, ITS, 18S, isolate, and metagenomics sequencing using the Oxford Nanopore Technologies platform. The services include an end-to-end workflow that covers long-read DNA extractions, customized sequencing library preparation, and sequencing using the Oxford Nanopore PromethIon 24 platform. In addition, the services incorporate de novo bioinformatics pipelines optimized for long-read data, and user-friendly software for data analysis. The services are globally available, supported by laboratories in Denmark and the US, Clinical Microbiomics said.

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