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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Qiagen, Olink, NanoString, More

Qiagen QiaPrep&Amp CRISPR Kit and CRISPR Q-Primer Solutions

Qiagen has launched the QiaPrep&Amp CRISPR Kit and CRISPR Q-Primer Solutions to enable researchers to analyze edited genetic material to determine how their interventions have changed the function of the DNA sequence in question. The products specifically allow researchers to characterize knock-outs generated from guide RNA and knock-ins from small insertions during gene editing. The products combine liquid-based sample preparation with downstream PCR detection and Sanger DNA sequencing. Positive PCR controls for human, mouse, and rat are included to determine the effectiveness of gene-editing conditions, and primers for PCR and Sanger sequencing can be easily customized to suit any target, Qiagen said.

Olink Explore 3072 Proteomics Platform

Olink has launched the Olink Explore 3072 high-throughput proteomics platform, which features the firm's proprietary proximity extension assay high-multiplex immunoassay technology combined with next-generation sequencing readout using Illumina NovaSeq and NextSeq platforms. This expansion of the existing Olink Explore 1536 product effectively doubles the number of available protein biomarker targets, covering all major biological pathways and increasing dynamic range while maintaining sensitivity, specificity, and precision, the company said. The platform provides throughput of just over 4,600 samples per week per system, with almost 3,000 proteins measured for each sample, Olink said. The firm is currently taking orders for the system and related kits, with deliveries expected to begin in the fourth quarter.

NanoString nCounter Stem Cell Characterization Panel

NanoString has launched the nCounter Stem Cell Characterization Panel for the analysis and optimization of stem cell lines used in the development of novel therapeutics. The 770-gene panel is available for humans and mice, and was designed at NanoString with input from leading stem cell experts. The panel measures eight essential components of stem cell biology and provides a standardized assay for evaluating factors that influence and determine viability, functionality, and pluripotency, NanoString said.

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