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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Qiagen, Lucid Diagnostics, Angle, Proteintech Genomics, More

Qiagen QIAcuity Software 2.5 and Biopharma, Food Safety Kits

Qiagen has launched new software for its QIAcuity digital PCR system as well as three new kits.

The QIAcuity Software 2.5 update streamlines digital PCR analysis with run temperature and sample dilution information for biotech and pharma reporting and auditing. 

The three new kits are the QIAcuity Mycoplasma Quant Kit to detect mycoplasma contamination in cell and gene therapy manufacturing, the QIAcuity OneStep Advanced EG Kit using intercalating dye technology and HotStart RT enzymes, and the QIAcuity Mericon Food Testing Kits for target-specific authentication of food and animal feed products.

Lucid Diagnostics: EsoGuard 2.0

Lucid Diagnostics' CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified lab, LucidDx Labs, has launched the next generation of the EsoGuard Esophageal DNA test for detecting esophageal precancer. All commercial and research samples received by the lab will be processed with the updated test. According to Lucid Chairman and CEO Lishan Aklog, the new test improves upon the older version by enhancing DNA yield and streamlining downstream processes with advanced molecular techniques and improved bioinformatics. The EsoGuard assay extracts DNA from esophageal cells collected via the EsoCheck Cell Collection Device. Bisulfate conversion is performed on the DNA, tagging sites that are not methylated. The VIM and CCNA1 genes, which have 31 methylation sites that correlate with esophageal precancer and cancer, are amplified by PCR and then sequenced. Bioinformatics software is used to analyze the DNA sequence data and determine the proportion of the 31 target sites that are methylated, resulting in a positive or negative test result. The updated test uses multiplexing, compared to a single-plex technique with the original test, allowing labs to run the assay three times and call positive and negative results by consensus, Lucid noted.

Angle Portrait PD-L1 Test

Liquid biopsy company Angle has launched the Portrait PD-L1 test for the evaluation of PD-L1 expression on circulating tumor cells. The company is providing the test as a service from its Onc-Adapt GCP-compliant laboratories. Using the company's Parsortix CTC technology, the new assay service features sample stability up to five days post-collection; biomarker-independent harvesting of phenotypically diverse CTCs from a blood sample; identification and enumeration of CTS with accurate assessment of PD-L1 status; and longitudinal monitoring of PD-L1 status over multiple time points including before, during, and after patient treatment, the company said.

Proteintech Genomics MultiPro Immune Profiling Antibody Cocktail

Proteintech Genomics has launched the MultiPro Human Fixed Cell Immune Profiling Antibody Cocktail. The cocktail enables profiling of intracellular proteins in conjunction with single-cell transcriptomics. It contains 53 antibodies against intracellular and cell surface proteins, plus controls, for use with 10x Genomics' single-cell sequencing, specifically the Gene Expression Flex assay.

SPT Labtech Firefly for Laboratory-Developed Tests

SPT Labtech has launched a new version of its Firefly all-in-one genomics liquid-handling platform with features to address bottlenecks in next-generation sequecning library preparation for laboratory-developed tests. The new platform includes updated software that is intended to improve instrument access and use and a compact design that is meant to minimize the instrument's footprint.

EnGenome: VarChat

EnGenome has released VarChat, a generative artificial intelligence system to review the literature about genetic variants. The tool, which is available for free, has been designed to search and condense the available scientific literature for each variant and deliver it as a brief and informative text.

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