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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Qiagen, Integrated DNA Technologies, Revvity, More

Qiagen CGT Viral Vector Lysis Kit, Customized Biopharma dPCR Assay Design Service

Qiagen has launched a new digital PCR kit and a service to support customers developing cell and gene therapy (CGT) applications.

The CGT Viral Vector Lysis Kit enables a standardized workflow from cell lysates to perform absolute and precise quantification of viral titers for multiple serotypes using the Qiagen QiAcuity dPCR system.

Qiagen has also partnered with Niba Labs, an analytical laboratory with expertise in dPCR assay development and sample testing, to offer a customized dPCR assay design service for biopharma. The service allows customers using Qiagen's QiAcuity dPCR system to develop new custom simplex or multiplex assays for the quantification of nucleic acids and to optimize existing qPCR assays for the use in digital PCR. Niba Labs will evaluate the performance of the assays and validate them for cell and gene therapy developers.

Integrated DNA Technologies xGen Respiratory Virus Amplicon Panel

Integrated DNA Technologies has launched the xGen Respiratory Virus Amplicon Panel, which consists of primers designed to cover more than 98 percent of the genomes of respiratory syncytial virus A, RSV B, influenza A H1N1, influenza A H3N2, influenza B, and SARS-CoV-2. IDT's xGen amplicon technology uses overlapping primer sets and a single-tube workflow, with a sample-to-sequencer time of 2.5 hours, and genome coverage from viral titers as low as 10 to 100 viral copies.

Revvity Fontus Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

Revvity announced the worldwide launch of its Fontus Automated Liquid Handling Workstation for next-generation sequencing and diagnostic research applications. The firm is seeking IVDR registration and plans to begin shipments imminently. Revvity said the workstation incorporates streamlined software, tube-to-plate reformatting, a 96- or 384- array head with partial tip loading, and integrated peripherals. Those peripherals include an on-deck thermocycler, temperature modules, and up to two labware grippers. Revvity said the workstation improves on the deck access, ergonomics, and enclosure of prior Revvity platforms. The Fontus workstation is also available in a preconfigured NGS model that is designed to support fast, accurate NGS library prep automation.

23andMe Simvastatin Medication Insight Report

23andMe has released a new medication insight report for simvastatin as part of its 23andMe+ membership service. The pharmacogenetic report allows 23andMe+ subscribers to learn their likelihood of having side effects from the drug, which is sold under brand names including Flolipid and Zocor, based on a SLCO1B1 variant.

Genesis Healthcare GenesisGaia

Japanese genetic research and testing firm Genesis Healthcare has introduced GenesisGaia, a generative artificial intelligence software platform that uses genomic datasets to reduce pharmaceutical R&D bottlenecks. Working with analytics company Xebral, Genesis has collected more than 31 million data points from public-sector and open-source datasets on genetics, variants, proteins, drug compounds, scientific publications, and clinical trials, and combined that information with its own collection of more than 400,000 genomes to create GenesisGaia.

Genomic Vision HexaCard

Genomic Vision has launched HexaCard, a new service for the control and optimization of genome editing. Primarily for gene therapy and biomanufacturing, HexaCard addresses challenges of cellular cross-contamination, misidentified cell lines, and the use of cell cultures at high passage. Based on Genomic Visions' proprietary Molecular Combing Technology, it integrates copy number determination, orientation assessment, integration site identification, genetic integrity of the target region, on- and off-target insertions, and a genetic signature for stability assessment into a single assay.

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