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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Qiagen, Boston Heart Diagnostics, Bio-Techne, More

Qiagen QiaStat-Dx Viral Vesicular Panel

Qiagen has launched the QiaStat-Dx Viral Vesicular Panel. The research-use-only syndromic panel detects monkeypox and five other pathogens causing similar symptoms. Specifically, the test simultaneously detects the West African and Congo Basin clades of the monkeypox virus, herpes simplex viruses 1 and 2, human herpesvirus 6, varicella-zoster virus, and enterovirus. The Viral Vesicular Panel is currently intended for surveillance purposes only and runs on the firm's QiaStat-Dx instrument with a test time of approximately one hour.

Boston Heart Diagnostics LipidSeq

Boston Heart Diagnostics, a Eurofins company, has launched the LipidSeq genetic test for cardiovascular disease. A saliva-based, 23-gene, next-generation sequencing test, LipidSeq identifies the most common genetic causes of lipid and lipoprotein disorders associated with premature cardiovascular, pancreatic, kidney, and neurological diseases. Specific conditions detected by the test include familial forms of hypercholesterolemia, lysosomal acid lipase deficiency, sitosterolemia, cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis, dysbetalipoproteinemia, hypertriglyceridemia, and HDL deficiency states including ApoA-I deficiency, Tangier disease, and LCAT deficiency.

LipidSeq was developed in collaboration with Eurofins laboratory partner Clinical Enterprise, which performs the genetic sequencing, and in consultation with Robert Hegele of Robarts Research Institute in London, Ontario.

Bio-Techne Quantist Luminex Data-Analysis Software

Bio-Techne brand R&D Systems has released its Quantist Luminex data-analysis software. Compatible with all Luminex xMAP instruments, Quantist software provides fast, reliable analysis of Luminex multiplex assay data, Bio-Techne said. Users can quickly analyze dozens of analytes to evaluate the long-term consistency of their Luminex data, and can make inter-assay comparisons, adjust standard curve parameters, and export optimized data to create ready-to-graph Excel files.

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