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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Phase Genomics, Centogene, Biotium

Phase Genomics OncoTerra Platform

Phase Genomics has launched the OncoTerra platform for precision oncology research. A single assay offers genome-wide detection of a wide range of chromosomal abnormalities without the need for actively dividing cells, high molecular weight DNA extraction, or a high starting volume. The platform is powered by Phase Genomics' ultra-long-range sequencing technology that captures physical proximity data from genomic DNA sequences. These data are then analyzed via proprietary machine learning tools to detect diverse chromosomal aberrations and rearrangements, including tumorigenic rearrangements, that cause and characterize diseases. Phase said the platform is most effective on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples, enabling oncology applications.

Centogene CentoCloud

Centogene has released CentoCloud, a software-as-a-service platform for the decentralized analysis, interpretation, and reporting of genomic variants linked to rare diseases. CentoCloud uses next-generation sequencing data from laboratories for automated, curated, bioinformatic analysis and AI-based variant prioritization and classification, followed by reporting. Results from consented data will also be used to augment Centogene's rare disease-focused bio/databank.

Biotium Ember500 RNA Prestain Loading Dye

Biotium has released the Ember500 RNA Prestain Loading Dye, which is more sensitive than conventional prestaining with ethidium bromide (EtBr) and is compatible with blue LED gel imagers, unlike EtBr. The prestain also includes formamide as well as electrophoresis tracking dyes, allowing sample denaturing, loading, tracking, and staining in a single step. In addition, Ember500 stains both RNA and DNA, allowing the detection of contaminating genomic DNA in purified RNA samples, Biotium said. The prestain will be supplied at a 2X concentration and will be available in 4 x 1 mL and 1 x 250 uL sizes priced at $350 and $60, respectively. Free samples will be available for a limited time, the company added.

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