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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: PathogenDx, LGC Biosearch, Integrated DNA Technologies, More

PathogenDx D3 Array UTI

PathogenDx has launched its D3 Array UTI, a multiplexed PCR-based test that detects 26 pathogens and 12 antibiotic resistance genes. Clinicians can use the test to help provide rapid urinary tract infection treatment, Scottsdale, Arizona-based PathogenDx said. The test leverages the firm's Dynamic Dimensional Detection (D3) Array technology featuring a 3D lattice-like architecture deposited on a substrate, allowing targets to move through the structure and bind to probes at room temperature with high sensitivity and specificity. D3 Array UTI utilizes a 96-well plate, while data analysis and reporting is automated via PathogenDx's Augury proprietary cloud-based data analysis and management tool.

LGC Biosearch Technologies Sbeadex Lightning

LGC Biosearch Technologies has launched the Sbeadex Lightning nucleic acid extraction method, designed to deliver high-purity, high-yield DNA in about five minutes for plant and animal samples. The method's magnetic bead technology significantly reduces the extraction workflow from a five-step process to a simple three-step method of bind, wash, and elute, the company said. With fewer protocol steps and more environmentally friendly chemistry, the method also reduces the environmental footprint of magnetic bead-based DNA purifications, LGC added.

Integrated DNA Technologies: xGEN NGS Products for Aviti Sequencer

Integrated DNA Technologies has launched a number of IDT xGen NGS products for use with Element Biosciences' Aviti sequencing system. They include the xGen Stubby Adapter-UDI Primers for Element, the xGen Universal Blocking Oligos for Element, and the xGen Library Amplification Primer Mix for Element.

Quantum-Si: V2 Sequencing Kits

Quantum-Si has released V2 Sequencing Kits for its Platinum protein sequencing platform. Improvements include a new amino acid recognizer, advanced analytical and inference tools to identify unknown proteins, high reproducibility across runs, and a threefold reduction in cost per amino acid, the company said.

Sapient High-Throughput Discovery Proteomics Services

Sapient has begun offering its high-throughput discovery proteomics services enabling the measurement of thousands of proteins in blood and tissue across diverse biological pathways. The San Diego-based company's mass spectrometry-based services include: Sapient/HT/Discovery for large-scale studies and clinical trials needing to analyze thousands of samples per week; Sapient/Core/Discovery for the measurement of more than 2,000 proteins per plasma sample, scalable to tens of thousands of samples; and Sapient/Deep/Discovery for studies seeking to maximize protein coverage within a given sample. All three approaches feed into Sapient's biocomputational pipeline for statistical analysis including multiomics data integration, the company said.

SPT Labtech: Firefly+

SPT Labtech has released the Firefly+, an expansion of its existing Firefly genomics liquid handling platform. The new instrument integrates an on-deck thermocycler and has increased labware capacity to enable hands-free next-generation sequencing library preparation.

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