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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Pacific Biosciences, Vizgen, Metabolon, Shimadzu, BioMérieux

Pacific Biosciences High-Throughput Nanobind DNA Extraction Kits

Pacific Biosciences has announced the availability of new high-throughput Nanobind DNA extraction kits. The kits use proprietary Nanobind disks to capture and release high-molecular weight DNA in less than two hours from diverse sample types, including blood, cell, and tissue, the company said.

Vizgen Merscope PanNeuro Cell Type Panel

Vizgen has launched its Merscope PanNeuro Cell Type Predesigned Panel for analysis of cell types, neuronal signaling, activity, and connectivity in the mouse brain. The 500-gene panel was constructed using the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas, published literature, and published Vizgen mouse brain datasets. It identifies all major cell types including astrocytes, ependymal cells, immune cells, neurons, oligodendrocytes, peripheral glial cells, and vascular cells; resolves neuronal and non-neuronal cell subtypes; explores functional information for cell subtypes; and investigates interactions across the mouse brain.

Metabolon Bile Acids, Short Chain Fatty Acids Targeted Panels

Metabolon has launched two targeted panels, Bile Acids and Short Chain Fatty Acids, that measure microbially derived metabolites to identify biomarkers for the prediction and early detection of disease in areas including oncology, neurology, liver, and gastrointestinal disease. The panels target metabolites across multiple pathways, including bile acid metabolism, sulfur metabolism, nitrogen metabolism, and vitamin B metabolism. The Bile Acids panel measures 21 metabolites and has been designed for research related to digestive, metabolic, and neurological health. The Short Chain Fatty Acids panel measures nine metabolites, which are produced in the colon by gut microbes.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments CLAM-2040

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has launched the CLAM-2040, a fully automated online sample prep module for liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) analysis. The new module automatically performs all processes necessary for analyzing biological samples, including sample and reagent pipetting, mixing, heating, vacuum filtration, and transferring the extracted sample to the LCMS system autosampler. It can prepare up to three samples simultaneously and can deliver up to one result every 2.6 minutes under optimized conditions, Shimadzu said. Users can add samples and consumables continuously and have the option to submit priority analysis requests for urgent samples without batch disruption, the company added.

BioMérieux BioFire Fireworks

BioMérieux has introduced BioFire Fireworks, a software package to support decentralized laboratory data management. Part of the BioMérieux Vision Suite, BioFire Fireworks consolidates management of disparate BioFire FilmArray systems into a central location to streamline workflows between central and off-site labs. The French in vitro diagnostics company expects to integrate the BioFire Syndromic Trends disease surveillance network into Fireworks for BioFire panel customers in the near future.

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