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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Pacific Biosciences, Revvity, Bruker

Pacific Biosciences: PureTarget Repeat Expansion Panel

Pacific Biosciences has launched the PureTarget repeat expansion panel, a new kit for comprehensive analysis of 20 genes associated with serious neurological disorders, including genes with tandem repeat expansions that are challenging to sequence.

The 20 genes that comprise the panel are implicated in a wide range of debilitating neurological diseases that afflict children and adults including ataxia, Huntington's disease, myotonic dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), frontotemporal dementia (FTD), and fragile X disease.

The panel uses the Nanobind PanDNA kit, and customers can multiplex 48 samples on the Revio sequencer or 24 on the Sequel IIe.

PacBio expects to ship the product in late March.

Revvity: Newborn Sequencing Research Workflow

Revvity has introduced an end-to-end workflow for sequencing-based newborn research, enabling users to select different instruments, reagents, and databases according to their needs. The research-use-only offering covers all essential steps in the sequencing process, enabling the identification of variants in more than 350 genes through comparison to a large database of pre-curated variants. The workflow comprises dried blood spot collection and processing devices, Chemagic kits and instruments for nucleic acid extraction, liquid handlers and reagents for library preparation, the Victor2 D instrument for sample quality control, and software for analysis and reporting. The workflow is compatible with the Element Aviti system and other next-generation sequencing platforms, Revvity said.

Bruker: Proteomics Informatics for TimsTOF Platform

Bruker this week introduced several new informatics packages for proteomics experiments on its TimsTOF instruments:

  • Novor v2.0 software for de novo immunopeptidomic profiling
  • TwinScape digital-twin performance monitoring and quality control engine, which leverages iRT peptide standards to support sustained peak performance in sample prep and LC-MS
  • Glyco-PASEF method and GlycoScape software for glycoproteomics work
  • The newest version of its Bruker ProteoScape software that includes a Spectronaut 18 module for dia-PASEF analysis and version 3.0 of the TIMS DIA-NN software

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