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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Pacific Biosciences, Illumina, Tempus, New England Biolabs, More

Pacific Biosciences Kinnex RNA Kits

Pacific Biosciences has announced the launch of its Kinnex RNA kits, a rebranded and improved line of assays for RNA sequencing. The lineup includes kits for full-length bulk RNA-seq, single-cell RNA-seq, and 16s ribosomal RNA-seq. All kits are listed at $5,700 for 12 reactions. Kinnex products are based on the MAS-seq method, which concatenates smaller DNA fragments into longer molecules for long-read sequencing. 

The Kinnex single-cell kit builds on the MAS-Seq for Single Cell 3' kit, adding support for the 10x Genomics 5' kit and library multiplexing. The Kinnex full-length RNA kit can yield 40 million reads on the Revio system per 25M SMRT cell and 15 million reads on the Sequel II and IIe systems per 8M SMRT cell. The workflow includes access to PacBio's SMRT Link software for full-length RNA and isoform data analysis. The Kinnex 16s rRNA kit yields 60 million reads on Revio and 25 million reads on the Sequel II instruments.

PacBio is accepting orders and will begin shipments in December 2023.

Illumina TruSight Oncology 500 ctDNA v2

Illumina has launched an update to its TruSight Oncology 500 ctDNA research assay. Improvements include a faster turnaround time of less than four days, higher sensitivity with lower cell-free DNA input requirements, and a more streamlined workflow. The assay enables analysis from as little as 5 to 30 ng of cfDNA input. At 20 ng input, it shows more than 95 percent analytical sensitivity with greater than 99 percent specificity. At 10 ng input, it shows more than 95 percent sensitivity for hot-spot mutations with greater than 99 percent specificity.

Tempus xF Monitor

Tempus has launched the research-use-only xF Monitor circulating tumor DNA test for the detection and monitoring of changes in circulating tumor fraction to determine early response to immunotherapy for patients with advanced cancers. The test analyzes diverse genomic events, dynamically weighting somatic variant allele frequencies and copy number variants, while using germline information to inform these estimates, Tempus said. The algorithm that powers the test — xF ctDNA tumor fraction — uses multiple single input models and weights their importance based on failure modes observed in Tempus' multimodal database, the company said. The algorithm can be used with Tempus' 105-gene liquid assay, xF, and its 523-gene liquid assay, xF+.

New England Biolabs NEBNext UltraExpress

New England Biolabs has launched the NEBNext UltraExpress DNA and RNA Library Prep Kits for next-generation sequencing on Illumina platforms. The kits are designed to enable users to generate high-quality, high-yield RNA libraries in a single day and DNA libraries in under two hours. The kits are also suitable for a wide range of inputs (25-250 ng total RNA and 10-200 ng mechanically sheared DNA) and utilize a single protocol that uses the same adaptor concentration and PCR cycle number for all input amounts, NEB said. The workflows are automation friendly and minimize consumables waste.

Twist Bioscience Full-Length Unique Dual Index Adapters

Twist Bioscience has launched full-length unique dual index (UDI) adapters to enable PCR-free whole-genome sequencing and multiplexing. The new adapters include UDI sequences, along with flow cell binding site and sequencing priming site, enabling NGS library preparation in a single ligation step and eliminating the need for PCR and amplification. The product comes with 1,536 UDIs, to allow for the tracking of individual samples, and comes in configurations of 96 or 384 sets of adapters.

Fore Genomics Foresite 360

Fore Genomics has launched Foresite 360, a whole-genome sequencing test for the screening of healthy newborns that is marketed to parents and can be ordered online. The test uses a saliva sample and screens for more than 300 genetic diseases that are manageable. It also looks for genetically determined responses to 40 medication types, according to the San Diego-based company.

SomaLogic SomaScan 11K

SomaLogic has launched its SomaScan 11K Platform. The new product offers 11,000 total protein measurements, compared to 7,000 proteins for the original SomaScan assay. SomaLogic is running the assay and authorized sites around the world will begin offering it later this year.

23andMe Health Action Plan

23andMe this week launched Health Action Plan, which offers 23andMe+ members a tailored set of health recommendations based on genetic reports, health history survey data, as well as blood and biomarker data. In addition to lifestyle recommendations, customers may receive suggestions for taking clinical action such as getting a blood test, which can be coordinated directly through 23andMe. Results from those tests can help identify additional health risks and steps to be taken in response.

Genomenon Mastermind 3.0

Genomenon has launched Mastermind 3.0, a new version of its platform that includes 5,500 curated genes and a catalog of more than 9,000 gene-disease relationships. According to the firm, the curations are based on ClinGen recommendations and are useful to accelerate the curation of novel variants, whole exomes, and whole genomes. Genomenon claimed that it is the first to curate the clinical exome at the gene level based on ClinGen guidelines.

Allelica Precision Server

Allelica launched the Allelica Precision Server (APS), which supports the development of clinical tests that meet CLIA standards with bioinformatics software for polygenic risk score, pharmacogenomics, and carrier screening analyses.

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