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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Pacific Biosciences, Agilent, Tempus, EliTechGroup, More

Pacific Biosciences Nanobind PanDNA and HT CBB Extraction Kits

Pacific Biosciences has launched the PanDNA Nanobind Extraction kit, which offers expanded extraction of high molecular weight DNA across sample types, including cells, bacteria, blood, tissue, plant nuclei, and insects. The kit will be available for purchase and shipment in February.

The updated Nanobind HT CBB kit, available now, will support two additional sample types: animal blood and bacteria.

Agilent Technologies Agilent ProteoAnalyzer System

Agilent Technologies has launched its automated Agilent ProteoAnalyzer System, which uses parallel capillary electrophoresis for protein separation and analysis of complex protein mixtures. The Santa Clara, California-based firm said the system can be used with sample types ranging from crude lysates to purified fractions. It also can be used to analyze different sizes and types of proteins in a single run, reducing the need for time-consuming and costly reanalysis.

Tempus xM MRD Assay

Tempus said this week that it has added a new minimal residual disease (MRD) assay to its cancer testing menu, dubbed xM. The tumor-naive, plasma-based test is designed to detect circulating tumor DNA in the blood of patients with early-stage colorectal cancer after surgery. Tempus described the test as available for research use only but also said in a statement that it is designed "to identify and surveil patients with low levels of circulating tumor DNA who are at risk of recurrence and may benefit from more intensive or novel therapy post-surgery."

The company described the test as offering a binary MRD assessment based on both DNA methylation and specific genomic variants, with adjunct algorithms to filter out potential artifacts including clonal hematopoiesis and germline variants.

EliTechGroup GI Bacterial Plus Elite MGB Kit

EliTechGroup has launched the GI Bacterial Plus Elite MGB Kit for diagnosing gastrointestinal bacterial infections. The assay exclusively targets major bacterial infections, such as Campylobacter spp., Clostridium difficile, Salmonella spp., Shigella spp., and Yersinia enterocolitica, the company said. The test was CE-IVD marked in October, an EliTechGroup spokesperson said, and is fully validated with the firm's Elite InGenius and Elite BeGenius sample-to-result molecular diagnostic instruments.

Macherey-Nagel NucleoSpin Dx RNA Blood Kit

Macherey-Nagel of Germany has launched the NucleoSpin Dx RNA Blood Kit in Europe after recently receiving CE-IVD marking. Developed in collaboration with Sarstedt, the new kit simplifies the isolation of RNA from venous whole blood collected in Sarstedt's S-Monovette RNA Exact for subsequent in vitro diagnostic testing. The workflow enables direct sample processing at room temperature, eliminating the need for RNA pelleting, reagent removal, or separate red blood cell lysis, the company noted.

3EO Health Navigation System

Point-of-care diagnostic company 3EO Health has launched its molecular COVID-19 test, which received Emergency Use Authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration last year. The COVID-19 test uses the firm's 3TR amplification technology, runs on 3EO's portable molecular analyzer, called the Cube, and requires no sample preparation. The company is currently providing its analyzers to US physicians' offices at no cost, it said in a statement.

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